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What is it?

The Webex platforms provide a rich audio/video synchronous experience.  Features such as application sharing, file sharing, polling, text chat, and granular permissions allow you to customize your synchronous session to match your learning objectives.

What is its purpose?

When you receive your Webex account, you will gain access to three flavours of Webex.  All Webex options can also be integrated directly into Brightspace:

  • Meetings: Suitable for most use cases, Webex Meetings allows you to easily host an online synchronous session with your students and allow for audio, video, application sharing, polling, text chat and some permission options for controlling your online session.  Defaults to a many-to-many sharing experience.
  • Training: Older interface and application options, but provides some additional features that may be important for your use case.  For example, breakout rooms, audience reactions, threaded Q&A, tighter controls of the permissions within sessions.  Defaults to a leader-follower layout.
  • Events: Designed for webinar style events where your participants are not interacting with your presenters directly and instead are simply consuming the presentation.  Defaults to a leader-follower layout.

Webex supports up to 1000 participants and 24 cameras on screen at one time.


How do I use it?

Memorial has a enterprise license to Webex. Request a license from ITS: https://www.mun.ca/cio/itservices/network/meet.php

Why would I use it?

You would use Webex to host an online presentation, office hours, remote guest speakers, group projects, language practice, simulations and role play, or student presentations.

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21 July 2021
17 April 2020
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Windows, Mac, Linux, ChromeOS, iOS, Android.

Ratings Information

This technology is currently under evaluation. Please check back later for a rating.

Security and Privacy

There are currently no security or privacy concerns for this tool.

Support Information

Support Options

  • Teaching and Learning Use Cases: You (and your students) can receive technical support directly from the CITL Support Centre for teaching and learning (virtual classroom) applications of Webex.
  • Administrative Webex Use Cases: If you are seeking technical support for administrative uses of Webex, please reach out to ITS, or the IT support at your campus.
  • Virtual Events: If you are seeking consultation on hosting a virtual event within Webex Events, submit a ticket to the CITL Support Centre and our Classroom Technology or Media Services team will be in touch.

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