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What is it?

Online Rooms is a virtual classroom application built into Brightspace that allows for real time collaboration between attendees.

How do I use it?

Online Rooms is integrated within Brightspace.  You access it as an instructors through the Communication -> Online Rooms menu.  Once here, you can schedule sessions for your course.

Why would I use it?

You would use Online Rooms to host an online presentation, office hours, remote guest speakers, group projects, language practice, simulations and role play, student presentations, host breakout sessions.

Quick Facts
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Online Rooms
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21 July 2021
17 April 2020
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Windows, Mac, Linux, ChromeOS, iOS, Android.

Ratings Information

This technology is currently under evaluation. Please check back later for a rating.

Security and Privacy

There are currently no security or privacy concerns for this tool.

Support Information

You can receive technical support directly from the CITL Support Centre.

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