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What is it?

Microsoft Project is a project management software product, developed and sold by Microsoft. It is a tool that assists project managers and teams in planning, executing, and tracking projects by developing schedules, assigning resources to tasks, tracking progress, managing budgets, and analyzing workloads.

What is its purpose?

The purpose of Microsoft Project is to serve as a project management tool that helps organizations and project managers in project planning, resource management, task tracking, cost management, risk management, communication, collaboration, portfolio management, documentation, scheduling, and timeline management.  It is a versatile tool that can be used in various contexts and for various types of projects, from small-scale initiatives to complex, large-scale undertakings.

How do I use it?

You can follow the install Project guidelines on MS webite.

Why would I use it?

  • MS Project is a good choice for projects that require a structured and comprehensive project management solution. It is especially valuable for larger and more complex projects and in contexts where strict project management and reporting are essential, such as engineering and IT.
  • It is a one-stop solution for managing all aspects of your project.
  • It makes visualizing tasks and project timelines easy.
  • You can effectively allocate resources to tasks, helping you avoid overallocation or underutilization of resources.
  • It allows you to define project budgets, allocate costs to specific tasks, and track expenses, ensuring that your project stays within budget.
  • Project managers and team members can provide real-time updates on task progress to keep the project on track.
  • While not a dedicated risk management tool, MS Project allows you to track and manage risks within the project, helping you mitigate potential issues.
  • It offers reporting features that make it easier to communicate project status and progress to stakeholders and team members.
  • MS Project seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft Office applications making it convenient for users already using these tools.
  • It promotes document sharing among project teams.
  • It allows you to manage a portfolio of projects, assisting with strategic resource allocation and project prioritization.
  • You can attach documents, notes, and information to tasks and projects for easy reference and documentation.
  • It is highly customizable, allowing you to tailor it to your project's specific needs.
  • With the cloud-based version, you can access your project information from anywhere with an internet connection, making it suitable for remote and distributed teams.
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Functionality: ★★★
Works Well.
Ease of Use:★★★
Works Well.
Tech Support/Help Availability (for Instructors):★★☆
Minor Concerns. Technical support is provided by the vendor.
Tech Support/Help Availability (for Students):★★☆
Minor Concerns. Technical support is provided by the vendor.
Hypermediality :★★★
Works Well.
Accessibility: ★★★
Accessibility Standards:★★★
Works Well.
User-focused participation:★★★
Works Well.
Required Equipment:★★★
Works Well.
Technical: ★★★
Integration/Embedding within a Learning Management System (LMS) :
Not Applicable.
Operating Systems:★★★
Works Well.
Web Browser:★★★
Works Well.
Additional Technical Requirements:★★★
Works Well.
Mobile Design: ★★★
Works Well.
Works Well.
Offline Access:★★★
Works Well.
Usage and Account Set Up: ★★★
Sign Up/Sign In:★★★
Works Well.
Cost of Use:★☆☆
Serious Concerns. MS Project licenses vary from $13.60 to $74.60 per month
Archiving, Saving, and Exporting Data :★★★
Works Well.
Data Privacy and Ownership:★★★
Works Well.
Social Presence: ★★★
Collaboration :★★★
Works Well.
User Accountability:★★★
Works Well.
Works Well.
Teaching Presence: ★★★
Works Well.
Works Well.
Learning Analytics:★★★
Works Well.
Cognitive Presence:
Enhancement of Cognitive Task(s):
Not Applicable.
Higher Order Thinking:
Not Applicable.
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Not Applicable.

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Support Information

MS Project community and support resources can be found on Microsoft's Project Support and Project help & learning pages.