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What is it?

Poll Everywhere is an interactive presentation tool that allows users to engage their audiences through live online polling, surveys, Q&As, quizzes, word clouds, and more.

What is its purpose?

Poll Everywhere enables users to create online polling by adding multiple-choice and ranking activities. It can also be used to build Q&As and surveys and to visualize audience responses as dynamic word clouds.

How do I use it?

To create a free account, go to the sign-up page. Click on “I’m a presenter”, then choose to sign up with your Google account or with an email address and password that you set. Press 'Sign up'.

To create your first poll and customize it, check Poll Eveywhere tutorial page

Poll Everywhere blog offers many articles that can help you to use Poll Everywhere successfully.

Why would I use it?

  • Poll Everywhere allows instructors to collect polls, data, and opinions from students using smart devices.
  • It offers a Webex app that lets participants respond directly from within Webex.
  • It does not require installing any software or applications, i.e., it can run on different web browsers.
  • It allows users to download their usernames as QR codes to be shared with their audiences.
  • Moderation is accessible on the Poll Everywhere mobile app, allowing presenters to see and approve every response before it appears live on screen. This filters inappropriate or off-topic responses from showing.
  • Poll Everywhere allows presenters to restrict polls to only registered participants.

Usage considerations

All students/attendees must have access to a computer or mobile device to respond to questions. The free version can only be used for up to 25 audiences. The free version doesn't allow users to moderate incoming responses. The free version doesn’t allow users to customize their usernames (needed to be shared with their audiences).

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Poll Everywhere*
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18 October 2022
12 October 2022
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Windows, mac, iOS, Android, PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, Google Slides, Webex, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack

Ratings Information

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Functionality: ★★☆
Minor Concerns.
Ease of Use:★★★
Works Well.
Tech Support/Help Availability (for Instructors):★★☆
Minor Concerns. No campus-wide technical support is available. Technical support is provided by vendor.
Tech Support/Help Availability (for Students):★★☆
Minor Concerns. No campus-wide technical support is available. Technical support is provided by vendor.
Hypermediality :
Not Applicable.
Accessibility: ★★★
Accessibility Standards:★★★
Works Well.
User-focused participation:★★★
Works Well.
Required Equipment:★★☆
Minor Concerns.
Technical: ★★★
Integration/Embedding within a Learning Management System (LMS) :★☆☆
Serious Concerns.
Operating Systems:★★★
Works Well.
Web Browser:★★★
Works Well.
Additional Technical Requirements:★★★
Works Well.
Mobile Design: ★★★
Works Well.
Works Well.
Offline Access:
Not Applicable.
Usage and Account Set Up: ★★☆
Sign Up/Sign In:★★☆
Minor Concerns.
Cost of Use:★★☆
Minor Concerns.
Archiving, Saving, and Exporting Data :★★☆
Minor Concerns.
Data Privacy and Ownership:★★★
Works Well.
Social Presence: ★★★
Collaboration :
Not Applicable.
User Accountability:★★★
Works Well.
Minor Concerns.
Teaching Presence: ★★★
Works Well.
Minor Concerns.
Learning Analytics:★★★
Works Well.
Cognitive Presence: ★★★
Enhancement of Cognitive Task(s):★★★
Works Well.
Higher Order Thinking:★★☆
Minor Concerns.
Feedback on Learning:
Not Applicable.

Security and Privacy

This service is not offered by Memorial University and has not been reviewed by Information Management and Protection.

Support Information

The website comes equipped with a support center webpage where users can figure out answers to product-related questions.

Also, users can contact the Sales team directly via live chat or by calling this number: 1 (818) 338-8500.


Note: Instructional Support is available through CITL. Please connect with Learning Technology Coaches for assistance ltc_citl@mun.ca or visit the Teaching and Learning Exchange in ED 1001, St. John’s Campus.