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What is it?

Mathpix snip is a tool that helps to digitize handwritten copies. The digitized formula/text can be used in Microsoft Office or LaTeX editors.

What is its purpose?

The primary purpose of this tool is to digitize handwritten copies. This tool can also convert hand-written text, hand-written math formulas, hand-written chemistry equations, printed text, printed math formulas, printed equations into  a digital format in a  few foreign languages.

How do I use it?

Mathpix snip requires users to sign up using their institutional email. You can log in through the Snip Notes website and the desktop/mobile version

This application is available for Mac OS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and Snip Notes.

Usage considerations

It can be accessed through the Mathpix snip website. However, the web browser version on both PC and mobile devices provides a limited number of features. A desktop version is required to use all the available features.

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Mathpix Snip*
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29 September 2022
07 June 2021
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Security Concerns
Technical Support 
Mathpix Snip can work in MacOS, Windows, Linus, iOS, Android and Snip web editor.

Ratings Information

CITL Rating

Select any category below for details about the criteria for each rating.

Functionality: ★★★
Works Well. Works Well; The tool can be scaled to accommodate any size class with the flexibility to create smaller sub-groups or communities of practice.
Ease of Use:★★★
Works Well. Works Well; The tool has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and personalize for both instructor and learner. Use is intuitive for both instructor and learner.
Tech Support/Help Availability (for Instructors):★★☆
Minor Concerns. Minor Concerns; No campus-wide technical support is available.
Tech Support/Help Availability (for Students):★★☆
Minor Concerns. Minor Concerns; No campus-wide technical support is available.
Hypermediality :
Not Applicable.
Accessibility: ★★★
Accessibility Standards:★★★
Works Well. Works Well; The tool meets accessibility guidelines (i.e. W3C WCAG 2.0 standards)
User-focused participation:★★★
Works Well. Works Well; The tool is designed to address the needs of diverse users, their various literacies, and capabilities, thereby widening opportunities for participation in learning.
Required Equipment:★★★
Works Well. Works Well; Proper use of the tool does not require specialized equipment.
Technical: ★★☆
Integration/Embedding within a Learning Management System (LMS) :★☆☆
Serious Concerns. Serious Concerns; The tool cannot be embedded within an LMS.
Operating Systems:★★★
Works Well. Works Well; Users can effectively utilize the tool with any standard, up-to-date operating system.
Web Browser:★☆☆
Serious Concerns. Serious Concerns; This tool can not be functional on the browser. A desktop or mobile application is needed to use the tool.
Additional Technical Requirements:★★☆
Minor Concerns. Minor Concerns; Tool needs to be downloaded to a mobile or a desktop to use the features.
Mobile Design: ★★☆
Works Well. Works Well; The tool can be accessed, either through the download of an app or via a mobile browser, regardless of the mobile operating system and device.
Works Well. Works Well; There is little to no functional difference between the mobile and the desktop version, regardless of the device used to access it.
Offline Access:★☆☆
Serious Concerns. Serious Concerns; This tool cannot be used in offline mode.
Usage and Account Set Up: ★★☆
Sign Up/Sign In:★☆☆
Serious Concerns. Serious Concerns; All users need to create an account using institutional email. It requires personal information to create an account.
Cost of Use:★★☆
Minor Concerns. Minor Concerns; It is free to subscribe for students, which is limited to 100 snips per month if students signup using institution email. A paid subscription is needed for individuals, which costs $4.99/month for unlimited snips.
Archiving, Saving, and Exporting Data :★★★
Works Well. Works Well; Users can archive, save, or import and export content or activity data in a variety of formats (some of which are open standards)
Data Privacy and Ownership:★★★
Works Well. Works Well; Users maintain ownership and copyright of their intellectual property/data; the user can keep data private and decide if / how data is to be shared.
Social Presence: ★★☆
Collaboration :
Not Applicable. Not Applicable;
User Accountability:
Not Applicable. Not Applicable;
Minor Concerns. Minor Concerns; This tool is not popular, and most of the learners may not be not familiar with the tool.
Teaching Presence: ★★★
Not Applicable. Not Applicable;
Works Well. Works Well; Tool is adaptable to its environment: easily customized to suit the classroom context and targeted learning outcomes.
Learning Analytics:
Not Applicable. Not Applicable;
Cognitive Presence:
Enhancement of Cognitive Task(s):
Not Applicable. Not Applicable;
Higher Order Thinking:
Not Applicable. Not Applicable;
Feedback on Learning:
Not Applicable. Not Applicable;

Security and Privacy

The service is not offered by Memorial University and has not been reviewed by Information Management and Protection.

Support Information

Video tutorials are available on YouTube, and a user guide is available on the Mathpix Website.


Other Note(s)

Mathpix snip can also convert the tabular forms into text.

This tool provides a wide range of formats to copy, which include math equations to MS Office or LaTeX editors or PNG format.

This tool can also solve mathematical problems and generate graphs if needed.