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What is it?

Pear Deck is an interactive presentation tool that allows instructors to actively engage students in the learning process. It is an add-on to Google Slides or PowerPoint online slides that allows students to respond to learning moments and receive feedback in real time.

What is its purpose?

Pear Deck allows an instructor to share slides with questions, so that each student can add answers to these questions in real time. Each response is visible to the instructor on their slide in real-time as students submit their responses.

How do I use it?

Below is an example of workflow for using Pear Deck in Google Slides

  • Create or log-in to a Google or Microsoft account and create Google Slides/Powerpoint slides.
  • Add the Pear Deck add-on to the Google Slides/Powerpoint slides.
  • Choose from many components to add to the slide - Questions/Drawing activity.
  • Share your slides with students by providing a link.
  • While you go through the lecture slides, students can follow along at their end by answering the questions and completing activities.
  • You can see the responses from individual students.

Why would I use it?

  • To make lecture slides interactive to increase students' engagement with the learning materials. 
  • To conduct a poll while presenting in class. 
  • To see students' responses during your slide.

Usage considerations

Using Pear Deck requires giving an authorization to Pear Deck to edit, view and create files in your Google Drive. You might want to avoid storing files with confidential information in the same drive.

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Ratings Information

This technology is currently under evaluation. Please check back later for a rating.

Security and Privacy

The service is not offered by Memorial University and has not been reviewed by Information Management and Protection. Pear Deck collects information about your email address, images, content, geographical location and more. They use third party services with whom the data is shared. The ownership of data remains with the user, but Pear Deck continuously shares it with various third party organizations.

Support Information

A request for help can be submitted to Pear Deck by filling out this form.

Support information is also available in the Pear Deck Knowledge Base.

Other Note(s)

In order to interact with the Pear Deack, students need to be logged in with an email.