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What is it?

Screencasting is when you record or stream a view of your computer screen. It can be conducted from a number of platforms depending on the software used. Generally your voice is recording along with the recording of activity on the desktop, and there is also usually the option to record video. The result is usually a video file that you can upload to a video hosting service.

NameWhat is it?
Screenpal (formerly Screen Cast-O-Matic)This tool captures a digital recording of your computer screen, along with your audio narration and (optionally) a webcam.
MacOS Screen Recording*MacOS Screen Recording allows for basic screen recording which can be used for the purpose of lecture recording.  
ActivePresenter*ActivePresenter is an all-in-one screen recorder and interactive e-learning authoring tool.
Clipchamp*Clipchamp is a user-friendly and AI-powered editing tool that allows users to create, edit, and record videos.

* An asterisk indicates a third-party tool that is not supported by the university. For information on using third-party tools, please click here. To view the complete list of technologies supported by CITL, visit our Technology Resources page.