Halloween Howl

Children enjoying Halloween event

Halloween Howl 2021

(All Ages)

Families & groups* are invited to celebrate Halloween at
MUN "BOO-tanical" Garden.
Saturday, October 23, 10 a.m. - 3 p.m &
Sunday, October 24, 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

What’s the scariest thing about Halloween? The plants!!! Walk amongst the poisonous plants at the BOO-tanical Garden for lots of family fun and learn why bats, owls, crows, spiders, and even the plants aren’t all that scary once you get to know them. Lots of hands-on fun for everyone!

Admission fees apply.

Children in costume enter for FREE.

FREE for Season Pass Holders and MUN students.

Pumpkins going up the ramp to the front door of the main building

What can you expect?

Our goal is to have fun while learning all about the nature based symbols that are used in Halloween.  This program is ideal for ages 1 - 10, and is a non-scary program (no jump scares, no "gore"; but do expect to see bats, spiders and skeletons!).  We do find people of all ages enjoy their visit!

Display Room

crafts & facepainting (by donation).

Display Room: Story time, decorations & information.

Duck FeedingThe Outdoor Tour: Our tour guides will lead you on a walk to spot some pictures of the signs of Halloween; then head on down to the pond for some duck feeding, walk up the "Batty Bat Trail"; Then follow the Scarecrows to a special destination!  Walks usually last 30-45 minutes.

PumpkinThe Scavenger Hunt: Time: TBD. Each day we will hold one scavenger hunt.  Find the "special item" and turn it in to win a Family Day Pass, A Season Pass, or Tickets to our Merry & Bright Light Festival! 

Other Outside Points of Interest:

The Bat Tunnel The Bug House The Leaf Pile
Bat Tunnel Bug House Leaf Pile

The Poisionous Plant Tour (self guided, pick up your info sheet in the Display Room)
Plant Tour

The Photo Booth & Skeleton yard

* Because this is a public event we cannot gurantee that groups will be kept together, or that other members of the public won't join along in the guided tour.  Our tours aim to have ~20 people in them, and run every 15-20 minutes, or as there is interest.  Aside from the tour and the scavenger hunt, all other activities are ongoing throughtout the day.

The Halloween Howl Program is also available for school and youth group bookings during the month of October.

For more information, please contact bgprograms@mun.ca or telephone 864-8590.