Composting Made Easy

This tutorial is a basic introduction to composting that teaches you what composting is, how to do it, and solutions to common problems. It is perfect for beginners! It is broken up into 6 sections each with a 2-3 minutes educational video and a short quiz based on the information in that video. Don't worry about getting an answer wrong - the correct answer will be shown. After all, we're all here to learn!

If you are a resident of the City of St. John's, you may complete this course to purchase a discounted MMSB bin. Simply forward a copy of the Certificate of Completion that will be emailed to you at the end of the course to and the City will contact you with instructions for purchase.

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Compost area featuring several compost bins before the pollinator garden

Composting is a great way to reduce the amount of waste we send to the landfill. Wastes from your kitchen and yard decompose naturally and turn into soil-enriched humus.

Interested in Backyard Composting?

Check out our Composting Made Easy brochure. It contains concise information on home composting in Newfoundland.


Full composting booklet - 16 pages (PDF)

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For further information on composting, please refer to the composting leaflets:

1. Nature: The Great Recycler - composting benefits and background (PDF)

2. Let's Compost! - what you can and cannot compost and green/brown balance (PDF)

3. The Compost Bin - location and construction (PDF)

4. Building Your Compost Pile - how to make the most of your compost pile (PDF)

5. Humus: Garden Gold! - when and how to use the composting end-product (PDF)

6. Winter Composting - extending the composting season year round (PDF)

7. Vermicomposting: Composting with Worms - what you will need, how to do it, and


We have also developed a Composting Curriculum Unit


For a local and knowledgeable source of vermicomposting worms, please contact:

Trouter's Special Worm Farm

c/o Christa Williams

Worm Farm Office: (709) 334-3531
Recycling Depot: (709) 334 - 3577
Cell: (709) 682 - 8611
Fax: 334 - 2614


For more information about composting or composting resources available from the Garden, please contact:

Tel: (709) 864 - 8590