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Climate Collective is a project organized by Memorial University's Johnson Geo Centre & Botanical Garden. Our goals are to create connections within climate innovation and to bring climate innovation opportunities to the youth of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Climate Collective is a project run by Memorial University’s Johnson Geo Centre and Botanical Garden with two main goals:

 to build a collaboration network within the climate innovation sector, and

 to increase capacity for climate innovation in the youth of our province.

The project has 3 pillars to realize these goals:

Climate Collective's 3 Pillars

Sector Collaboration Network:

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The project brings together people and organizations from all different backgrounds (research, industry, non-profit, etc.) who are involved in climate innovation. This Network then shares expertise and resources for climate innovation and outreach.

For more information, see the Sector Collaboration Network page on the Johnson Geo Centre website.

Youth Climate Action Chapters:

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The project coordinator meets with groups of youth from around the province who are interested in climate innovation and action, and works with them to provide workshops, speaker series, and mentorship opportunities. These opportunities are focused on building knowledge and community resiliency as we find solutions to navigate the climate crisis.

For more information, see the Youth Climate Action Chapters page on the Johnson Geo Centre website.

STEAM Experiential Education Programming:

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Working with partners from the Sector Collaboration Network, the project will create or disseminate educational programming about climate innovation that also gives school children experience with hands-on STEAM programming. This programming will be geared towards students in grades 4 through 9, but will expand as the project continues.

For more information, see the STEAM Experiential Education Programming page on the Johnson Geo Centre website.

If you are interested in more information about any Pillar of this project, for example, becoming part of the Sector Collaboration Network, forming a Youth Climate Action Chapter or using one of our STEAM Experiential Education Programming in your classroom, contact 

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