Daily Schedule

Camp children walking along a trail

Daily Schedule for Junior Naturalist Camps:

8:00 am Drop-off begins at our outdoor field behind the nursery buildings (across the road from the main Field Centre at 306 Mt. Scio Road)
Free play time in our outdoor field

9:00 am Camp programs START
Most groups will head to the gardens and trails to investigate, discover, and learn about our habitats, flora, and fauna

~10:30 am Picnic style snack break & duck feeding (peanding healthy ducks)
Morning programs continue

12:00 pm Campers will return to our outdoor field and will have picnic LUNCH
~12:30 pm Or when done eating, free play time in our field

1:00 pm we head into our forest for fortbuilding, and makebelieve play
Story time, arts and crafts, water play in hot weather, organized group games may also take place. Children have access to their belongings if they would like a snack at any time.

4:00 pm Camp is FINISHED for the day; pick-up begins

5:00 pm All children MUST be picked up by this time

Daily Schedule for Nature Explorer Camps:

The schedule for the older kids can be similar to the younger kids, but they have more flexibility with timing, group decisions on what they are interested in, and more indepth learning. They also spend some time learning some basic survival skills, including safely building a fire (and roasting marshmallows), creating a suitable shelter, and foraging wild plants.  NEW for 2024: We will be heading out onto the pond in kayaks!

We also spend one day of the week hiking to the Fluvarium and back for a program.

Pick up and drop off times are the same. 


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