Sound Symposium: Trail Reports

The Sound Symposium presents "Trail Reports," a soundwalk that incorporates poetry by Alice Burdick, movement by Andrea Tucker, percussion by Erin Donovan, Bill Brennan, Rob Power, and Gina Ryan, and guitar and voice by Reid Robins.

Trail Reports at the MUN Botanical Garden will include collaborative poetry, music, and dance at fixed stations in the Garden. The words, sounds, and movement will combine with the ambient sounds and sensations of the gardens to provide an experience that we hope the audience will freely interact with and respond to, in effect becoming participants themselves if desired. Along the routes to the stations, Alice will act in the role of a quasi tour guide, composing poetry in immediate and impromptu response to the locale surrounding the perambulating audience.

This is a separately ticketed event by the Sound Symposium. For tickets, please visit the link below.

Location: MUN Botanical Garden

Date and Time: Wednesday, Jul 20th at 02:00 PM - 03:00 PM (NDT)

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