Department of Biology

The first thing to say about studying biology is that, while it has great interest in itself, it also opens up many diverse career opportunities after graduation. A quick look gives an idea of the many types of work that are biology related. When studying biology you need never need to worry that you will not be able to apply your education in a useful and rewarding way.

The second thing to say about biology is that it is a vast subject which takes in many quite divergent fields of study. This "study of life" can be carried out at the level of molecules or at the level of the largest animals and plants which inhabit the world today. Indeed these days a biologist is often working at all these different levels at the same time, as for example when using DNA analysis taken from a whale or a polar bear to determine something about that organism.


Dr. Yolanda Wiersma is the latest faculty member to be profiled in the “Habitats” series. She discussed lichen, including the rare boreal felt lichen, and the importance of protected areas in the central Avalon. Watch it here: