MSc Admission

Students admitted to the M.Sc. program in Biology normally hold a biology B.Sc. (Honours) degree (or equivalent) with at least high second-class standing.

PhD Admission

Students admitted to the PhD program normally hold a biology M.Sc. degree (or equivalent).

Acceptance Requirements

Acceptance for the Biology graduate program depends on two other criteria apart from grades and educational background;

1) A Biology faculty member must agree to supervise the student. Applicants for graduate school therefore must have corresponded and made prior arrangements with one or more faculty members who are willing to (a) be the applicant’s graduate supervisor and (b) provide research and personal support. 

2) Adequate funds must be available for both personal and research support. The minimal level of personal support is set by the Biology Graduate Studies Committee.

 More details on applying and acceptance to graduate studies in Biology can be found at here.