Graduate Students

NameProgramResearch TopicOfficeSupervisor
Nadar Abusara PhD Role of small molecule mssengers in secondary metabolism in Streptomyces SN-1006 Tahlan
Samantha Andrews PhD Optimization of Marine protected areas based on spatial connectivity and meta-community dynamics SN-3106 Leroux
Joseph Baafi  PhD Control of infectious disease SN-2644 Hurford
Rajesh Barua PhD Plant tissue culture and molecular techniques for blueberry improvement SN-2097 Dehnath/Igamberdiev
Sean Basquill PhD Assessing the response of ecosystems to global changes SN-3106 Leroux
Dhrumit Bhatt MSc Use of molecular markers to study biodiversity and to discriminate blueberries SN-4116G Debnath/Roncal
Johanna Bosch MSc Avain microbiomes and paleoecology SN-3006/3025 Robertson / Hargan / Lang
Lucien Boudreau MSc Drosophila models of Dementia  SN-1088 Staveley
Marion Boulard PhD Relationships between demersal fishers and biogenic bottom habitat features   Edinger/ Lawton
Alexander Byrne MSc Microbial genomics for deciphering resistance and pathogen evolution SN-1006 Tahlan
Angelo Armijos Carrion PhD Clade-specific phylogenetic community structure across habitats in Newfoundland Off Campus Roncal
Christopher Callahan MSc Genetics and Conservation of Wintering Ptarmigan in Labrador   Marshall
Maliya Cassels MSc Extinction of the Great Auk and changes in seabird use of Funk Island and South Penguin Islands   Hargan
Jody-Ann Clarke MSc Streptomyces specialized metabolites for agricltural applications SN-1006 Tahlan
Devin Cochrane PhD Operation of the glyoxylate cycle during germination of maize seeds SN-3114 Igamberdiev
Ty Colvin MSc Ecosystem functioning in seagrass sediments OS-3004 Snelgrove
Fraser Davidson MSc Genomic analysis of certain bacterial pathogens associated with the dairy industry in Newfoundland   Tahlan/Whitney
Cole Deal MSc The regulation of feeding and reproduction in fish SN-3010 Volkoff
Gustavo Diaz Cruz PhD   SN-1008 Bignell
Rachelle Dove MSc Identity and distribution of arctic thyasirid bivalves   Dufour
Rebecca Evans MSc Estimating ecological functions and services associated with kelp export OS-3004 Snelgrove
Devin Flawd PhD Spatial modeling of Grand Banks and northeast coast flatfish and fisheries dynamics. MI Fisher
Alexander Flynn MSc Phylogeography and post-glacial disperrsal to lake trout in Labrador  SN-3006 Marshall/Carr
Yunyun Fu PhD Microbial transformations of sulfur-centruing compounds SN-1088/SN-4116G Lang/Rivkin
Emilie Geissinger PhD Effect of Climate change on recruitment of coastal zone fishers Marine Institute Gregory/Snelgrove
Amrita Ghosh PhD In vitro and molecular approaches for proagation and germplasm improvement of blueberry SN-2100 Debnath/Igamberdiev
Watalabbe Gunawardana MSc Polyketide synthase gene expression in Lichen Symblionts Grenfell Piercey-Normore
Christopher Hart MSc     Vander Wal
Azra Hasan PhD Foxo-Dependent compensutary grother and starvation   Staveley
Travis Heckford PhD Spatail Ecology of a forest food web SN-4116E Wiersma
Jennifer Hogg MSc Non-invasive estimates of animal occupancy and abundance SN-1003 Vander Wal
Victoria Howse MSc Ecology and life history of lobster as they relate to the efficacy of MPAs as a conservation tool Marine Institute Rowe
Junjie (Grace) Hu PhD The role of posttranslational proteins modifications in wheat dormancy control and sprouting resistance SN-1003 Bykova
Sabrina Inkpen PhD Fish interferon regulatory factors (IRFs): characterization,regulation, expression and function  OSC Rise
Daigo Kamada PhD Foraging ecology of Capelin through ontogeny Marine Institute Dominique/Robert
Pabasari Sachinthana Wijesinghe Malmala Kankanamlage MSc The role of redox protein modifications in ROS- and NO_dependent metabollic reprogramming in seeds SN-1003 Bykova/Igamberdiev
Kimberley Keats PhD Microbial Biogeography in the Worlds Oceans OSC Schneider
Melissa Keats  MSc Interactions between Mitochondrial Biogenesis and Mitochondrial Viability in Ageing Drosophila SN-3007 Staveley
Katrien Kingdon MSc Animal Ecology SN-1003 Vander Wal
Emilie Kissler PhD Impact of Moose on Forest Regeneration SN-3112B Hermanutz
Roshni Kollipara MSc Gene Transfer Agent Production in Bacteria SN-3025 Lang
Sonja Koppenhefer PhD Genetic exchange in bacteria SN-3025 Lang
Ashley Kroyer MSc Avian influenza viruses in Newfoundland wild birds   Lang
Sayani Kundu  PhD Molecular Biology and Plant Physiology   Debnath/ Igamberdiev
Michel Laforge PhD Phenological mismatch and resource selection   Vander Wal
Tyler Lantiegne MSc Gamete Ecology SN-4105 Purchase
Ainsley Latour MSc Population Ecology of Pelagic Tunicates OSC-3012A/SN-3123 Deibel
Stephanie Leger MSc Shorebird Vocal Communication SN-4094 Miller
Yuting Li PhD Assessing the role of the CFA-like metabolite in s. scabies pathogenicity SN-1008 Bignell
Jingyu Liu PhD Characterization of orphan secondary metabolite biosynthetic gene clusters in Streptomyces scabies SN-4116G Bignell
Catherine Little PhD Distribution of spotted winged fruitfly Off Campas Chapman/Hillier
Gonxhe Lokaj MSc RNA Biology in Rhodabacter capsulates   Lang/Pena-Castillo/Mulligan
Kelly Macdonald MSc Distribution and relative abundance of diadromous fishes in Placentia Bay, NL SN-3106 Leroux/Purchase
Nathan MacNeil   Conservation genomica of Braya in Newfoundland SN-4096/4097 Roncal/Hermanitz/Pena-Castillo
Joany Marino Coronado PhD Mechanistic models of ecological interactions SN-3110 Hurford
Amy McAllister MSc The trophic ecology of deep-sea fishes OSC Snelgrove
Evelyn MacRobert MSc Fish Recruitment OSC/DFO Robert/Snelgrove
Miguel Mejias PhD Evolutionary, ecological and anthropogenic effects on vocal structure in Bermudean white-eyed vireos   Wilson
Adam Meyer  PhD Direct and indirect effects of herbivores on exosystem functioning   Leroux
Molly Morrissey MSc Changes in North Atlantic seabird diet and seabird connectivity to coastal ecosystems over 200 years   Hargan
Victoria Neville PhD Cod otolith micro-chemistry Marine Institute Rose
Levi Newediuk PhD Conserving Elk-Habitat Relationships SN-1003 Vander Wal
Jose Vasquez Solis De Ovando PhD Host pathogen interaction   Javier Santander
Hayley Paquette PhD Arctic lichens of Newfoundland   Wiersma/Troy McMullin
Nicolas Penafiel PhD Characterization of a trans-andean corridor for lowland plants, and conservation genetics of parajubaea SN-4096 Roncal/Oleas
Hannah Perry MSc Characterization of the scabin mart toxin in Streptomyces scabies SN-1008 Bignell
Robert Perry PhD Fish Assemblages in Labrador Off Campus Schneider
Madison Philipp MSc Gamete Ecology SN-4105 Purchase
Brandon Piercey MSc Antibiotic production and resistance in the Streptomyces SN-1006 Tahlan
Allison Porter MSc Molecular & Cellular Biology SN-3007 Staveley
Christina Prokopenko PhD Evolution and Ecology SN-1003 Vander Wal
Jacob Prosser MSc Analysis of salmon lice population dynamics and treatment strategies SN-3110 Hurford
Danielle Quinn PhD Mathematical and Statistical Models in Evolution and Ecology OSC Snelgrove
Rebecca Raymond  MSc Biodiversity associated with bamboo coral forests   Barbara de Moura Neves/ Edinger
Devyn Ramsay MSc Fish Physiology OSC Gamperl/Dixon
Matteo Rizzuto PhD Effect of forest harvesting on trophochemical food webs in newfoundland. SN-3106 Leroux
Alec Robitaille MSc Network Ecology SN-1003 Vander Wal
Sheena Roul MSc     Lang/Robertson
Elena Salogni PhD Behavioural Ecology of Elephant Seals SN-2096 Miller
Arshad Shaikh MSc Strategies to induce the production of bioactive secondary metabolites in Streptomyces species SN-1006 Tahlan
Umanath Sharma PhD Biotechnological approaches for propagation and germplasm enhancement of berry crops Off Campus Debnath/ Igamberdiev
Arindam Sikdar MSc Epigenetic varation in lingonberries Off Campus Debnath/Igamberdiev
Rebecca Steinhart MSc Biodiversity and ecosystem function in marine sediments OSC Snelgrove
Makayla Swain MSc Moose zoogeochemistry in boreal forests of Newfoundland SN-3106 Leroux
Courtney White MSc Ecology   Hargan
Jordan Wight PhD Escherichia coli and other potential pathogens in environmental and animal reservoirs SN-3025 Lang/Tahlan
Margie Wilkes MSc Comparison of natural and farmed blueberry pollinators SN-3112 Hermanutz
Somaieh Zahari PhD Operation of the phytoglobin/nitric oxide cycle in higher plants SN-3114 Igamberdiev/ Hebelstrup