Graduate Students

NameProgramResearch TopicOfficeSupervisor
Hannah Adams MSc Effects of terrestrial watershed disturbance on the function of small order streams CSF 4324  Leroux
Kiana Alfaro MSc Visualization of bacteriocytes & phagocytosis in symbiotic thyasirid bivalves CSF 4303 Dufour
Alex Arkilanian PhD Impacts of disturbance on aquatic-terrestrial connectivity and functioning CSF 4324 Leroux
Sepideh Azari MSc The regulation of feeding and reproduction in fish  CSF 4303  Volkoff
Joseph Baafi PhD Control of infectious disease CSF 4324  Hurford
Alana Barton MSc Disturbance effects on predator-prey interactionson and marine food web dynamics CSF 4303 Snelgrove
Rajesh Barua PhD  Plant tissue culture and molecular techiques for blueberry improvement  CSF 4303 Debnath/Igamberdiev
Sean Basquill PhD Assessing the response of ecosystems to global changes    Leroux
Johanna Bosch MSc Avian microbiomes and paleoecology  CSF 4324  Robertson/Hargan/Lang
Marion Boulard PhD Relationships between demersal fishers and biogenic bottom habitat features   Edinger/Lawton
Alexander Byrne PhD Impacts of Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis mixed strain infections in dairy animals CSF 4216 Tahlan
Chris Callahan MSc Genetics and Conservation of Wintering Ptarmigan in Labrador   Marshall
Angelo Armijos Carrion PhD  Clade-specific phylogenetic community structure across habitats in Newfoundland  CSF 4303   Roncal
Brendan Carswell   MSc  Density and Prey Spatial behaviors  CSF 4324 Vander Wal
Maliya Cassels MSc Paleoecological reconstruction of an Atlantic Puffin colony CSF 4324  Hargan
Katrina Cruickshanks MSc Lichen diversity in forest canopies CSF 4324 Wiersma
Emilie Dedeban MSc Movement ecology of disturbance  CSF 4324  Vander Wal
Gustavo Diaz Cruz  PhD Phytotoxin production and regulation in plant pathogenic Streptomyces spp  CSF 4216   Bignell
Rachelle Dove  MSc Identity and distribution of arctic thyasirid bivalves   Dufour 
Rebecca Evans  MSc Estimating ecological functions and services associated with kelp export   CSF 4303  Snelgrove 
Alexander Flynn MSc Phylogeography and post-glacial disperrsal to lake trout in Labrador    Marshall/Carr
Yunyun Fu PhD  Microbial transformations of sulfur-centruing compounds    Lang/Rivkin
Menus Garg  MSc  Investigations into Bacterial specialized metabolism  CSF 4216 Tahlan
Emilie Geissinger PhD Overwinter survival of juvenile cod CSF 4303  Snelgrove/Gregory
Duleeka Gunawardana-Watalabbe  PhD Polyketide synthase gene expression in lichen symblonts    Piercey-Normore
Kajal Gupta MSc Gene regulation in actinobacteria CSF 4216 Tahlan
Connor Hanley MSc Salmonid reproduction CSF 4324 Purchase
Christopher Hart  MSc      Vander Wal 
Yvonne He PhD Gene transfer agent in Rhodobacter capsulatus  CSF 4303 Lang
Lucas Hollett  MSc  Distribution of invasive mosquitoes and viruses in NL  CSF 4303   Chapman/Atanu Sarkat 
Junjie Hu  PhD Proteomics and molecular mechanisms of interaction between seed dormancy and after-ripening in wheat   Igamberdiev/Bykova
Jeremy Hussey MSc Forest disturbances and stoichiometric pattern CSF 4324 Wiersma
Kimberley Keats  PhD Microbial Biogeography in the Worlds Oceans   Schneider
Melissa Keats MSC  Interactions between Mitochondrial Biogenesis and Mitochondrial Viability in Ageing Drosophila  CSF 4324  Staveley
Katrien Kingdon PhD Predator-prey dynamics and anthropogenic disturance  CSF 4324  Vander Wal
Sayani Kundu  PhD  In vitro culture and epigenetic variation in northen food plants  CSF 4303  Debnath/Igamberdiev
Jillian Kusch  PhD Social lives of animals  CSF 4324  Vander Wal
Hong Kiu Lau PhD  Tracking seabird population using paleoecological records  CSF 4324  Hargan 
Nathan MacNeil MSc Conservation genomica of Braya in Newfoundland CSF 4303  Roncal/Hermanuz/Pena-Castillo 
Sweety Majumder PhD Tissue culture-induced epigenetic variations in berry crops in relation to their antioxidant properties CSF 4303 Igamberdiev/Debnath
Pabasari S. W. Malmala Kankanamlage MSc The role of redox protein modifications in ROS- and NO_dependent metabollic reprogramming in seeds    Bykova/Igamberdiev
Amy McAllister MSc The trophic ecology of deep-sea fishes  CSF 4303  Snelgrove 
Jillian McGroarty MSc  Micro-landscape and micro-community assembly paterns  CSF 4324   Wiersma/McMullin 
Khandoker Munira Mehjabin PhD Gene transfer agents in bacteria CSF 4303  Lang
Adam Meyer PhD  Direct and indirect effects of herbivores on ecosystem functioning  CSF 4324  Leroux 
Emily Monk MSc  Phenological Mismatch  CSF 4324  Vander Wal 
Rachael Moran MSc  Impacts of disturbance on boreal forest carbon stock and flows  CSF 4324  Leroux  
Molly Morrissey MSc  Changes in North Atlantic seabird diet and seabird connectivity to coastal ecosystems over 200 years  CSF 4324  Hargan 
Victoria Neville PhD  Cod otolith micro-chemistry    Rose/Rowe
Jose Ignacio Vasquez PhD  Host pathogen interaction   Santander 
Hayley Paquette PhD  Arctic lichens of Newfoundland CSF 4324  Wiersma/McMullin 
Nicolas Penafiel PhD  Characterization of a trans-andean corridor for lowland plants, and conservation genetics of parajubaea  CSF 4303  Roncal/Oleas
Victor Perez-Calle PhD Systematics and biogeography of Caribbean plants CSF 4303 Roncal
Robert Perry PhD Fish Assemblages in Labrador    Schneider
Brandon Piercey MSc Antibiotic production and resistance in the Streptomyces     Tahlan 
Allison Porter MSc  Molecular & Cellular Biology  CSF 4324  Staveley
Jacob Prosser MSc  Analysis of salmon lice population dynamics and treatment strategies   Hurford
Ishraq Rahman  PhD  Seabirds as vectors of antimicrobial resistant bacteria  CSF 4216  Hargan/Lang
Devyn Ramsy MSc Fish Physiology    Gamperl/Dixon
Alec Robitaille PhD  Network Ecology  CSF 4324   Vander Wal
Arshad Shaikh PhD Strategies to induce the production of bioactive secondary metabolites in Streptomyces species  CSF 4216 Tahlan 
Umanath Sharma PhD Biotechnological approaches for propagation and germplasm enhancement of berry crops  CSF 4303  Debnath/Igamberdiev
Oladapo Simeon PhD Microbiology of serpentinizing environments CSF 4303  Lang/Morrill 
Rebecca Steinhart MSc  Biodiversity and ecosystem function in marine sediments    Snelgorve 
Madelyn Swackhamer MSc Metabolomics analysis of clavam biosynthesis   Tahlan
Corrie Vincent PhD Elucidating the role of concanamycins in the pathogenicity of Streptomyces scabiei  CSF 4216 Bignell
Ranjan Wagle MSc  Influence of sperm experiences on offspring development  CSF 4324  Purchase 
Courtney White MSc   Ecology CSF 4324 Hargan  
Jordan Wight PhD  Assessment of fecal contamination and antimicrobial-resistant Escherichia coli in lakes across Canada and the role of wildlife in their dissemination CSF 4216 Lang/Tahlan 
Margaret Wilkes MSc Comparison of natural and farmed blueberry pollinators    Hermanutz/Cutler 
Emerson Wilson MSc Forecasting carbon sequestration in boreal forests under different scenarios of forest management CSF 4324 Leroux
Somaieh Zafari  PhD  Operation of the phytogiobin/nitric oxide cycle in higher plants  CSF 4303  Igamberdiev
Alexandra Zvezdin  MSc  Tracking long-term responses of seabird colonies in Haida Gwaii to invasive species, climate change, and human activities CSF 4303  Hargan