The purpose of the MUN Travel Policy is:

  • To provide for the proper control of expenses related to approved travel. Also, to set out the rates and conditions of reimbursement for travel expenses incurred on University business.
  • Applicable to all funds administered by the University (e.g. operating funds, research grant funds, trust funds, etc.) and to all University employees in respect of approved travel.

Please see the MUN Travel Policy for more information.

In the Department of Biology, all Travel requests, advances and claims can be submitted to and need to be complete when submitted. Please see the Travel Claim Checklist and supporting Travel Claim Information Sheet to ensure that all necessary documents are included (submitting incomplete requests and claims will increase the processing time).

When you will be absent from campus for a period of time (whether on University or Personal business), please also submit an Absence From Campus Form

All travel forms can be found here under the travel section.

Please visit Schedule of Reimbursable Expenses | Financial and Administrative Services | Memorial University of Newfoundland ( for all eligible expenses and Per Diem rates.