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Prescience is defined as being able to know the future, and, as such, is an appropriate name for the Faculty of Science magazine.

Every day our faculty, staff and students work towards the future. Through our courses we are shaping the leaders of tomorrow and our research brings new knowledge. So knowing what is going on in the Faculty of Science today will give you a glimpse of what the future will bring.

Prescience, the Faculty of Science Alumni and Friends newsletter, is our way of showcasing some of the many accomplishments of our faculty and students over the past year. We  also hope it helps us reach out and make a connection to our alumni, now some 15,000 strong. 

Our fifth issue is currently available and we are thrilled to inform the public of the exciting triumphs of our faculty. The newsletter:

  • Provides updates on alumni, faculty and student achievements
  • Celebrates and recognizes the work of our volunteers and supporters
  • Informs alumni and friends of events

Suggestions and alumni updates are always welcome and we invite you to contact our communications coordinator, Kelly Foss, with your feedback or if you would like to:

  • Add or remove your name from the Prescience mailing list
  • Send in alumni updates of weddings, births, promotions, etc.

A PDF version of the current issue of Prescience is available here.

Prescience, Vol. 6

Prescience, Vol. 6


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