Biology Field Courses

The Department of Biology offers a suite of local and international field courses designed to provide students with unique opportunities to gain hands-on experience in different field sites. We offer field courses based on demand; not all courses will be offered in each year.

The Bonne Bay Marine Station is located on the west coast of the island in the quaint, coastal community of Norris Point. Surrounded by Gros Morne National Park, the Bonne Bay area exhibits a diversity of habitat, marine plants, fish and invertebrates that offers a unique outdoor classroom experience.

Bonne Bay Panoramic



The Department of Biology offers a selection of undergraduate courses at the Bonne Bay Marine Station during the Spring/Summer semester.

The suite of Biology courses offered at the Bonne Bay Marine Station include, but are not limited to:

  • Biology 3014 - Biology and Ecology of Boreal and Arctic Seaweeds

  • Biology 3709 – Marine Principles and Techniques

  • Biology 3712 – Benthic Biology

  • Biology 3714 – Estuarine Fish Ecology

  • Biology 4710/OCSC 4500 - Experimental Marine Ecology of Newfoundland Waters

  • Biology 4912 – Biology of Marine Mammals
  • Biology 4914 – Marine Mammal Acoustics
  • Biology 4810/4820 – Marine/Terrestrial Research Field Course

For additional information regarding upcoming Bonne Bay field course offerings, please contact Biology's Academic Program Officer.

 Memorial's Harlow Campus is used by both professional schools and academic departments to offer individual courses and complete programs. The campus is also utilized by faculty members and graduate students conducting research or further study in the UK.

Harlow Campus Building

The Department of Biology offers two (2) undergraduate courses at Harlow during the Spring semester: BIOL 4910 (Vertebrate Diversity and Adaptation) and BIOL 4911 (Applied Biology).

A Non-Majors Course BIOL 3820 (Foundations of Biology), when offered, takes placein May, overlapping with BIOL 4910/4911.

No courses are currently offered at Memorial's Harlow Campus.