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The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences has launched a new webpage to provide students with a tentative list of upcoming undergraduate courses. This webpage can be found at:

The University Calendar lists all the courses offered by the Department of Philosophy.

All courses offered by the Department of Philosoph

The Department of Philosophy offers a variety of courses spanning a wide range of thinkers, areas and time periods. 1000 (first year undergraduate) and 2000 (second year undergraduate) courses typically provide introductions to different sub-disciplines of philosophy (e.g. metaphysics, epistemology, logic and moral philosophy), while also focusing on the development of research and writing skills. At the 3000 (third year) and 4000 (fourth year) levels, the focus of the courses narrows in on specific thinkers, problems and texts. 


Graduate (6000) level courses are highlighy focused. The material studied for each course changes every year, as faculty members in the Department of Philosophy remain committed to teaching new material and sharing recent research. Graduate students at Memorial thus have the opportunity to play a signficant role in ongoing faculty research projects.

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