MA Coursework

M.A. Coursework Requirements

The candidate must complete 18 credit hours (6 courses) in Graduate Philosophy courses as follows:

a) 3 credit hours in Philosophy 6000; and
b) 15 credit hours in graduate Philosophy courses selected from the Courses listed below. 

Normally, a full-time student will complete all the 18 credit hours and submit a thesis proposal by the end of the second semester of study. A minimum of one additional semester will be spent in completing the balance of the program.

The student must also complete a thesis in accordance with the General Regulations, Theses and Reports during the third semester of the program.

List of MA Philosophy Courses

6000 Graduate Research Seminar (Required)
6011 Seminar in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy
6012 Seminar in Modern Philosophy
6013 Seminar in Contemporary Philosophy
6014 Seminar in Metaphysics
6015 Seminar in Epistemology
6016 Seminar in Social and Political Philosophy
6040-6099 Seminar in Special Topics
6101 Seminar in Selected Philosophical Texts
6102 Seminar in Current Issues in Philosophy

* Not all courses will be offered in a given year. During the summer before students begin their MA Programs, they will be sent a list of courses, with topics and instructors, for the coming Fall term. All incoming graduate students will register for Philosophy 6000 (Graduate Seminar) in their incoming Fall semester. Details concerning course offerings for the Winter semester will be provided during the Fall term.