History & Venue

The Jockey Club was started by a group of Philosophy graduate and undergraduate students back in the early 90's and has flourished ever since. What was once a small discussion group of maybe 5-7 regular members has grown to 12-15 regulars with attendance of 25-30 people every week, which includes a mix of faculty members, retired faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, members of the general public, and more.


With the growth of the club over the years, the logistical arrangements had to change; our sessions have been held at various bars, restaurants, seminar rooms etc. In Fall 2012, Jockey Club found its present home The Peter Easton Pub, located on Cookstown Road in between Memorial University and downtown St. John's; we have a spacious, quiet, and cozy room adjacent to the bar which perfectly fits the bill, the bar staff is friendly, and they serve the cheapest pints in town.


  Jockey Club


Peter Easton Pub