Cognitive Science Lecture Series

Cognitive science is the study of mind, intelligence, and information. It overlaps the traditional disciplines of anthropology, computer science, linguistics, neuroscience, philosophy, and psychology (among others). More than 60 universities in Europe and North America have cognitive science programs. The aim of this series is to foster interdisciplinary discussion along these lines here at Memorial University.

Sponsored by Memorial University Philosophy Department; Inquiries to:

2016 Schedule (Link)

2007 Schedule:

all talks Thursdays 12-1 in Arts-2071
(If you take the pedestrian overpass from INCO/Science Bldg to Arts, A-2071 is the first room on your right.)

[1] 13 Sept: Jeffrey Parsons (Business)
“Classification in Science: Towards Some Unifying Principles”

[2] 27 Sept: Ian Neath (Psychology)
“SIMPLE: A Unitary Account of Memory”

[3] 11 Oct: Carrie Gillon (Linguistics)
“The Meaning of ‘the’: Evidence from English and Skwxwu7mesh (Squamish Salish)”

[4] 25 Oct: Krista Hewlett (Medicine/Neuroscience)
“Recovery from Stroke”

[5] 8 Nov: Margo Kondratieva (Education/Mathematics)
“Learning Mathematics through the Resolution of Paradoxes”

[6] 22 Nov: Bradley D. Clissold (English)
“Interpretive Reading is a Survival Skill”

From the archives, 2006 Schedule:

Sept 14: Rita Anderson (Psychology)
“Making Discoveries in Imagery”

Sept 28: Sherry Mantyka (Mathematics)
“The Math Plague”

October 12: Mike Rabinowitz (Psychology)
“Implicit and Explicit Processes in Learning to Play Nim: A Computational Model”

October 26: Yvan Rose (Linguistics)
"The Cognitive System in the Human Body: An Example from Language Development"

Nov 9: Andrew Vardy (Computer Science/Engineering)
"Spatial Representation in Robots and Animals"

Nov 23: Jay Foster & Arthur Sullivan (Philosophy)
“If You Can’t Build One, Then You Don’t Know How It Works”

2005 Schedule:

15 Sept: Todd Wareham (Computer Science)
“The Role of Computational Complexity in Cognitive Modeling”

29 Sept: Carole Peterson (Psychology)
“Talking with Children”

13 Oct: David Thompson (Philosophy)
“Cognitive Modeling of Responsible Selfhood”

27 Oct: Phil Branigan (Linguistics)
“How Languages Agree: A Case Study in Comparative Syntax”

10 Nov: Ed Brown (Computer Science)
“Scientific Discovery as Computation”

24 Nov: Cathy Penny (Psychology)
“The Interactive Development of Literacy and Phonological Awareness”