Ocean Frontier Institute (OFI)

Established in 2016, OFI is a partnership between Dalhousie University, Memorial University of Newfoundland, and the University of Prince Edward Island. The institute brings together experts from both sides of the North Atlantic to harness the vast potential of the world's oceans through transformative research.

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Memorial University of Newfoundland Logo
Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN)

A multi-campus, multi-disciplinary, public, teaching/research university committed to excellence and is Newfoundland and Labrador's only University.

The Snelgrove Lab is located at the Ocean Sciences Centre (OSC) on the ocean's edge in Logy Bay, NL. It is a cold-ocean research facility operating in conjunction with MUN.

Cold-Ocean Deep-Sea Research Facility (CDRF)

Canadian Healthy Oceans Network II (CHONeII) Strategic Research Program 

Governed by a Board of Directors that make decisions on research programs based on the recommendations from the Science Advisory Committee. CHONe brings together 39 researchers from 11 countries, one community college, and multiple federal research labs across Canada.

Paul Snelgrove - CHONeII

Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance Coorporation and Support Action (AORA-CSA)

Tasked with the implementation of activities of the European Union, Canada, and United States of America Galway Statement and its Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance signed in May 2013. This established a formal Atlantic Ocean Research Corporation between the countries which supports the statement, supports the improvement in the international cooperation framework of marine research programs, and aims to establish a long term knowledge sharing platform.



The ATLAS project is striving to improve our understanding of complex deep-sea ecosystems and their associated species, including those that are new to science. ATLAS is developing a scientific knowledge base that can inform the development of international policies to ensure deep-sea Atlantic resources are managed effectively.

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