My research program focuses on bacterial fish pathogenesis and host interaction, in particular how bacterial pathogens of fish infect and kill fish hosts, and how the host responds to infection. Infection initiates a dynamic cascade of events that culminates in altered gene expression patterns in both interacting organisms, leading to disease or pathogen clearance. Fish are the most diverse vertebrates on earth, as well as their immune system. Although teleosts are very diverse, they have common bacterial infectious diseases. The long-term goals of my research program are to 1) understand the molecular mechanisms of bacterial pathogenesis in aquatic organisms and provide insight into bacterial pathogenesis evolution; 2) understand how bacterial pathogens hijack the fish innate immune system; and 3) understand how to trigger a protective immune response against infectious diseases in fish.

Also, I am interested in several aspects of bacterial physiology, genetics, microbial biotechnology, fish immunity biology and bacteriophage biology.

Industrial Collaborators

Polyamyna INC; Phibro; Cooke Aquaculture; Golden Eagle Sablefish



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