Artemia Culture

Dry Artemia are used primarily as a live feed for developing larvae and juvenile fishes. Anywhere from 1 million to 100's of millions of Artemia are available. Culture is activated upon request and has a stocking capacity of up to 500 million individuals. Artemia nutrition is improved through the addition of nutrient supplements such as krill protein. This process is called enrichment.

Artemia Growth
Once hatched, cysts are grown to the nauplii stage (right, top) or to adults (right, bottom) depending on feed size requirements.


Dehydration and Decapsulation
Dehydrated cysts, purchased from a variety of suppliers, have to be decapsulated (left and below) before the hatching process can begin.



Enrichment Cones
A view of two enrichment cones (left, top), and the decapsulation cone in the background.

Artemia are enriched as per client demand before being washed for addition to larval tanks (left, bottom).

Currently, three enrichments are being used:

  • Algama 3010
  • DC DHA Selco
  • Krill Protein

Enrichments are performed on a three day rotating schedule.