Histology Services

We will perform histological services from sample grossing and prep through to sectioning, staining and mounting. Please see our fees page for more information. We can usually accommodate custom requests.

Histology Suite

Our histology lab is equiped with a complete set of new equipment required for automated processing of tissue samples, embedding, sectioning and staining. We can train students, staff or faculty on the use of this equipment which is available for booking.

Cold-Ocean Deep-Sea Research Facility (CDRF)

Tissue processor

Shandon Excelsior ES Tissue Processor allows for xylene-free tissue processing

Cold-Ocean Deep-Sea Research Facility (CDRF)

HistoStar Embedding Workstation

Brightly illuminated work surfaces, cool and contoured arm rests, 5 liter paraffin capacity, cold plate area for 72 base molds, large heated workspace, and specimen holding area

Cold-Ocean Deep-Sea Research Facility (CDRF)

Micromâ„¢ HM 525 Cryostat

Semi-electronic cryostat with stepper motor

Cold-Ocean Deep-Sea Research Facility (CDRF)

HM 355S Automatic Microtome

Designed for all applications using paraffin and hard specimens

Cold-Ocean Deep-Sea Research Facility (CDRF)

Varistain 24-4 Automatic Slide Stainer

Single load, coupled loads and continuous throughput. Precise programming from minutes to seconds