Publications and Acknowledgements

Please remember to acknowledge the contributions of the CDRF in your publications, presentations, posters and grant applications. Being able to report on the assistance the CDRF has provided to researchers helps us to secure the grant funding that supports our operation.

If the core manager or staff have provided technical and scientific advice beyond the routine, please consider them for authorship in your publications. See the ABRF guidelines for examples of when this is appropriate. Otherwise, a simple recognition in the acknowledgments section such as the following is requested:

“We thank Memorial University’s Cold-ocean Deep-sea Research Facility (CDRF) for their support with this work.”

You may also wish to acknowledge specific staff and describe the task they helped with if this work is not significant enough for authorship.

Please send us a copy of your paper or presentation. We also like to publicize the work we have participated in, which helps spread the word about your research!

CDRF Supported Publications