Adjunct Professors

Name Title (Affiliation) Research
Dr. Ian Bradbury Research Scientist (DFO) Evolutionary ecology and dispersal of aquatic organisms (
Dr. David Cote Senior Ecologist (Amec Foster Wheeler Environment & Infrastructure)  
Dr. Brian Dixon Associate Professor, Univeristy of Waterloo Research is directed towards characterizing fish immune systems at the molecular level
Dr. Alexandra Eaves Senior Scientist (Amec Foster Wheeler Environment & Infrastructure)  
Dr. Tony Farrell Professor, University of British Columbia Integrative and comparative animal physiology, cardiorespiratory dynamics, myocardial oxygen supply, coronary physiology and coronary pathology, blood flow regulation, salmon migratory passage, aquatic toxicology.
Dr. Michelle Hale Senior Lecturer, University of Portsmouth, UK Biological oceanographer interested in the role of microbial trophic pathways in regulating the cycling of carbon and othr climatically important elements in the World Ocean
Dr. Peter Lawton Research Scientist (DFO) St. Andrews Biological Station Invertebrate fisheries, decapod crustaceans, predation, benthic studies, aquaculture:fisheries interaction, geospatial approaches, coastal habitat inventory, landscape ecology
Dr. Cynthia McKenzie Research Scientist (DFO) Harmful algae and its relationship to shellfish and finfish aquaculture management, phytoplankton dynamics of the Newfoundland and Labrador cold ocean environment and phytoplankton nutritional value for bivalves and finfish larvae
Dr. Owen Sherwood Dalhousie University
Dr. Ryan Stanley Research Scientist (DFO)
Dr. Pierre Pepin Research Scientist (DFO) Studies into the relative influence of physical and biological processes on the dynamics of early life history stages of fish.
Dr. Thomas Bird DFO
Dr. Geoffrey Evans Research Scientist (DFO)
Dr. Anthony Farrell University of British Columbia (UBC)
Dr. Daria Gallardi Aquatic Science Biologist, DFO
Dr. Richard Taylor Senior research scientist,  Cargill Innovation Center
Dr. Travis Van Leeuwen Research Scientist (DFO)
Dr. Sarah Lehnert

Research Scientist (DFO) Salmonids Section
Dr. Amanda Bates University of Victoria