Adjunct Professors

Name Title (Affiliation) Research
Dr. Amanda Bates University of Victoria  
Dr. David Cote Senior Ecologist (Amec Foster Wheeler Environment & Infrastructure)  
Dr. Brian Dixon Associate Professor, Univeristy of Waterloo Research is directed towards characterizing fish immune systems at the molecular level
Dr. Alexandra Eaves Research Scientist (Independent)  
Dr. Geoffrey Evans Research Scientist (DFO)  
Dr. Daria Gallardi Aquatic Science Biologist, DFO  
Dr. Peter Lawton Research Scientist (DFO) St. Andrews Biological Station Invertebrate fisheries, decapod crustaceans, predation, benthic studies, aquaculture:fisheries interaction, geospatial approaches, coastal habitat inventory, landscape ecology
Dr. Nicholas Le Corre Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Centre, St. John's, NL, Canada  North Atlantic Right Whale: Development of an operational forecasting model of Calanus and North-Atlantic Right Whale distribution in early summer in the Southern GSL 
Dr. Sarah Lehnert
Research Scientist (DFO) Salmonids Section Genomic research related to the conservation and management of Atlantic salmon 
Dr. Cynthia McKenzie Research Scientist (DFO) Harmful algae and its relationship to shellfish and finfish aquaculture management, phytoplankton dynamics of the Newfoundland and Labrador cold ocean environment and phytoplankton nutritional value for bivalves and finfish larvae
Dr. Harry Murray Research Scientist (DFO) Aquaculture, Biotechnology & Aquatic Animal Health
Dr. Owen O'Shea    
Dr. Rachel Sipler