Join the Mercier Lab

Opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students (Honours, MSc and PhD) are periodically available in my lab. I am looking for highly motivated individuals with a passion for marine ecology. I will certainly encourage those who so wish it to develop their own ideas/approaches, provided they fall within the scope of my research program.

For details on opportunities, visit the lab website: Opportunities in the Mercier Lab

Interested candidates should send me an outline of their research interests, a CV and a copy of unofficial transcripts by email. Visit our departmental website for information about undergraduate programs and graduate programs in Ocecan Sciences and Marine Biology. The Memorial University website can be consulted for questions pertaining to the programs regulations, requirements, tuition fees, scholarships/fellowships and application procedures. 

I've been working closely with Jean-Francois Hamel, a long time research partner (and also my husband). Aside from developing my research program at the OSC, we are involved in a number of other projects on different groups of marine invertebrates (echinoderms, molluscs, cnidarians, etc.) that investigate reproductive strategies, prey-predator interactions, feeding habits, symbiotic relationships and population dynamics. We are interested in developing joint projects with local and foreign scientists, and wish to involve students in our research activities.

To inquire about the projects or if you would like to work with us: