The department offers two Honours programs: one in Ocean Sciences and another in Marine Biology.

Information on how to gain addmission in the Hounours, including recommended courses and time tables, can be found in the Undergraduate Handbook and the Honours Guide.

Here are the full administrative Procedures for Honours Program in Ocean Sciences/Marine Biology.

Honours in Ocean Sciences

The Honours in Ocean Sciences is an interdisciplinary program that provides a solid foundation in ocean studies, including the basic principles of its main sub-disciplines (physical, chemical, geological, and biological oceanography). Possession of this degree will be of great advantage to students planning advanced work or graduate studies in a marine science field.

To earn an Honours in Ocean Sciences, students must complete a minimum of 45 credit hours in Ocean Sciences, as outlined below. The program includes a prescribed number of courses at the 3000/4000 level as well as mandatory completion of Ocean Sciences 499A and 499B, which consist of supervised research leading to the submission and oral defence of a dissertation.

The Honours program may comprise a broad base of courses following the model of the generic Major in Ocean Sciences or be more narrowly focused, in line with the stream in Environmental Systems. Upon admission, the student’s Honours program will be defined in consultation with the student's supervisor, and approved by the Head of the Department (or delegate) in accordance with the applicable regulations.

See the Calendar Description for more details (under section 11.9.4)

Honours in Marine Biology

This program is jointly administered by the Department of Ocean Sciences and the Department of Biology. To be eligible for admission, students would normally follow the requirements for a Major in Marine Biology. Specifically, students must have successfully completed Biology 2060, 2250, 2600, and 2900 and Ocean Sciences 2000 (or Biology 3710), 2001, 2100 and 2300 and obtained in these courses a grade of "B" or better, or an average of 75% or higher. Selection is based on academic performance in the required courses.

See the Calendar Description for more details (under section 10.2.21).