Major in Ocean Sciences

The most up to date information about the programs can be found in the corresponding Calendar Section (under section 11.9.3).


  • 9.3.1 Admission Requirements for the Major in Ocean Sciences or the Major in Ocean Sciences (Environmental Systems)



Admission to the Ocean Sciences Major Programs is based on academic standing. To be considered for admission, students must normally have completed 30 credit hours with a minimum of 24 credit hours in Science, and an overall average of at least 65%. It is recommended that the following courses be successfully completed before admission:


  1. Biology 1001 and 1002;
  2. Chemistry 1050 and 1051 (or 1200 and 1001);
  3. Earth Sciences 1000;
  4. Six credit hours in Critical Reading and Writing (CRW)courses, including at least 3 credit hours in English courses;
  5. Mathematics 1000 (or equivalent);
  6. Ocean Sciences 1000 with a minimum grade of 65%; and
  7. Physics 1020 or (1050) or 3 credit hours in Ocean Sciences courses at the 2000 level.

Students wishing to take this program are encouraged to carefully consult the Regulations for the General Degree of Bachelor of Science Section of the Calendar.

The Major in Ocean Sciences consists of core courses that provide a broad appreciation of the multidisciplinary nature of ocean study, and additional courses in various Science subjects. Students can pursue the general Major in Ocean Sciences, or a disciplinary stream that provides focus for the degree program. More information on specialization, including recommended courses and time tables, can be found in the Handbook of Undergraduate Studies in Ocean Sciences on the Department website.

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