The Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems Group


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  • Hermann Brunner
    Numerical analysis of Volterra-type integral and integro-differential equations; Computational solution of nonlinear reaction-diffusion problems with memory terms and blow-up solutions.
  • Andy Foster
    Dynamical systems; Mathematical modelling; Applications in ecology, cell population biology, physiology and finance.
  • Chun-Hua Ou
    Applied differential equations (PDEs and ODEs) and dynamical systems; Mathematical biology; Applied analysis methods for differential equations.
  • Amy Hurford
    Mathematical modelling in biology; Applications to epidemiology, evolutionary biology, and ecology; Model parametrization and selection.
  • Danny Summers
    Nonlinear dynamics in the sciences; Modelling; Applications in the physical sciences
  • Yuan Yuan
    Delay differential equations; Dynamical systems; Neural network; Computation of differential equations (symbolic and numerical)
  • Xiaoqiang Zhao
    Asymptotic behavior and special solutions of nonlinear evolution equations; Global dynamics and stability in infinite dimensional dynamical systems; Mathematical models in population biology and epidemiology.

Graduate Students

NameProgramYears in ProgramSupervisor(s)
Carl HowellM.Sc. (part-time)2001-Foster / Gosine
Riu Hu Ph.D.2006-Yuan
Yu JinPh.D.2005-Zhao
Brian JohansenM.Sc.2004-Brunner
Yijun LouPh.D.2007-Zhao
Cathy McFadyenM.Sc. (part-time)2004-Foster / Anderson
Zakaria MohamadM.Sc.2006-Yuan
Shannon SullivanPh.D. (part-time)2001-Foster / Grant
Michael WhiteM.Sc.2005-2008Zhao
Wei Yuan M.Sc.2006-Ou / Yuan
Zhaoyu YinM.Sc.2007-Brunner

Recent Graduates

NameProgramSupervisor(s)Thesis TitleCurrent Status
Natasha KirbyM.Sc. ('06)FosterDynamical systems models of asset pricingPh.D., University of Western Ontario
Leo LeeM.Sc. ('06)YuanStability and bifurcation in systems of tri-neurons with multiple time delaysChina
Jingtang Ma Ph.D. ('04)BrunnerDiscontinuous Galerkin methods and cascading multigrid methods for integro-differential equationsAssistant Professor, Institute of Computational Mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing
Jessica RoseM.Sc. ('06)Foster / GrantDynamical systems analysis of HIV immunopathogenesis and the effects of antiretroviral treatment interruptionPh.D., Bar-Ilan University, Israel
Robin SwainM.Sc. ('03)FosterThe Morris-Lecar equations with delayPh.D., Imperial College, UK
Lin Wang Ph.D. ('03)ZouDynamics of some neural network modelsAssistant professor, Dept. of Math and Statistics, Univ. of New Brunswick, Canada
Dashun XuPh.D. ('04)ZhaoAsymptotic behaviour and traveling waves for some population modelsAssistant professor, Dept. of Math, South Illinois University, USA
Fang ZhangPh.D. ('06)ZhaoGlobal dynamics of some spatially heterogeneous population modelsPostdoctoral fellow, Univ. of New Brunswick, Canada


Undergraduate Courses

  • AMAT 3100 Introduction to Dynamical Systems
  • AMAT 3161 Ordinary Differential Equations II
  • AMPM 3260 Ordinary Differential Equations I
  • AMAT 4160 Partial Differential Equations I
  • AMAT 4170 Partial Differential Equations II
  • AMAT 4190 Mathematical Modelling

Graduate Courses

  • MATH 6100 Dynamical Systems
  • MATH 6102 Mathematical Biology
  • MATH 6104 Infinite Dimensional Dynamical Systems
  • MATH 6121 Functional Differential Equations


There are a lot of journals in differential equations and dynamical systems. Many of the following journals are available, either electronically or in hardcopy format at the Queen Elizabeth II Library.

  • Advances in Differential Equations
  • Communications in Partial Differential Equations
  • Differential and Integral Equations
  • Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems
  • Dynamics of Continuous, Discrete and Impulsive Systems
  • Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems
  • Int. J. Bifurcation and Chaos
  • J. Differential Equations
  • J. Dynamics and Differential Equations


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