Don Bass

Professor of Mathematics (ret.)
Joint appointment to the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

PhD Warwick
M. Phil. PGCE London
B.Sc. Hull

Dr. Don Bass has degrees in Mathematics from Hull, London and Warwick (UK). He has worked in the area of Marine dynamics since the early 80's. Much of his work is related to ship motions, particularly in severe seas. His research is based on extensive experimental programs carried out in the wave tank of Memorial backed by mathematical modeling. The geographic location of Memorial has led to his special interest in the motions of small fishing boats. He is actively engaged in the design of anti-roll tanks for these vessels.

Research Interests

Wave Fields in Landing Platform Docks; Roll Stabilisation for small Fishing vessels; Motions of Small Catamarans; Ship-Model Correlation Studies; Fishing Boat Safety.

Dr. Bass generally teaches Advanced Calculus (this is a very popular course with students), Marine Hydrodynamics and Ship Dynamics. The Hydrodynamics course introduces some of the underlying ideas and theory behind the software used in the Marine Industry to evaluate ship performance, offshore loadings etc. In the Ship Dynamics course, seakeeping and manoeuvring are covered, that is the way a ship reacts to waves and the way it reacts to rudder action.

Representative Publications

  • Bass, D.W., Cumming, D. “Numerical and Experimental Modeling of Water on Deck”, STAB 2000, Tasmania, Australia, Feb. 2000, vol. A, pp 226-241.
  • Bass, D.W., “Roll Stabilisation for Small Fishing Boats using Paravanes and Anti-Roll Tanks”, Marine Technology, April, 1998, vol. 35, no. 2, pp 74-84.
  • Bass, D.W., “Free-Surface Tanks on Small Vessels in Extreme Conditions”, Oceanic Engineering International , vol. 1, no. 2, 1997, pp 74-84.
  • Bass, D.W., Krishna, V., “Numerical Modeling of Oscillatory Flow Around the Hulls of Small Fishing Vessels”, Proceedings of the Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering Conference, June 1996, Florence, Italy pp 105-112.
  • Bass, D.W., Weng, Chi, “The Capsize of the Straits Pride II - A Study in the Dynamics of Paravanes”, Proceedings of the Conference on the Stability of Ships and Offshore Structures, vol. 3, 1994, Florida, USA, pp 1-20.