List of scheduled graduate courses

Winter 2017 Timetable

MATH612187259Functional Differential Equations10MW 9:00am-10:15amHH 3015Y. Yuan
MATH620187261Numerical Methods for Differential Equations14MW 3:30pm-4:45pmHH 3015A. Bihlo
MATH620287297Numerical Optimization17TR 9:00am-10:15amHH 3017R. Haynes
MATH623087265Differential Manifolds and Riemannian Geometry19TR 2:00pm-3:15pmHH 3013H. Kunduri
MATH630187267Homotopy Theory11MW 10:30am-11:45amHH 3015E. Martinez-Pedroza
MATH631087269Functional Analysis20TR 3:30pm-4:45pmHH 3017G. Cox
MATH632087271Group Theory18TR 10:30am-11:45amHH 3013Y. Bahturin
STAT653087273Longitudinal Data Analysis19TR 2:00pm-3:15pmHH 3015Z. Fan
STAT656085312Continuous Multivariate Analysis17TR 9:00am-10:15amHH 3013A. Oyet



Fall 2017 - Spring 2019 Listings:

Fall 2017:

Math-6100 -- Dynamical Systems
Math-6210 -- Numerical Solution of Differential Equations
Math-6261 -- Geometric Numerical Integration
Math-6310 -- Functional Analysis
Math-6321 -- Ring Theory
Math-6300 -- Homology
Math-6342 -- Advanced Enumeration
Math-6351 -- Advanced Linear Algebra
Math-696A -- Graduate Seminar in Mathematics

Stat-6503 -- Stochastic Processes
Stat-6510 -- Mathematical Statistics
Stat-6520 -- Linear Models
Stat-6564 -- Experimental Designs
Stat-697A -- Graduate Seminar in Statistics

Winter 2018:
Math-6204 -- Iterative Methods in Numerical Linear Algebra
Math-6332 -- Point Set Topology
Math-6311 -- Complex Analysis
Math-6160 -- Partial Differential Equations
Math-6111 -- Calculus on Manifolds
Math-6324 -- Lie Algebras
Math-6340 -- Graph Theory
Math-696B -- Graduate Seminar in Mathematics

Stat-6520 -- Linear Models
Stat-6560 -- Continuous Multivariate Analysis
Stat-697B -- Graduate Seminar in Statistic

Fall 2018:

Math-6104 -- Infinite Dimensional Dynamical Systems [Slot 10]
Math-6210 -- Numerical Solution of Differential Equations [Slot 14]
Math-6310 -- Functional Analysis [Slot 17]
Math-6322 -- Nonassociative Algebra [Slot 18]
Math-6301 -- Homotopy Theory [Slot 19]
Math-6341 -- Combinatorial Design Theory [Slot 9]
Math-6351 -- Advanced Linear Algebra [Slot 18]
Math-696A -- Graduate Seminar in Mathematics [Thursday 13h00]

Stat-6505 -- Survival Analysis [Slot 20]
Stat-6510 -- Mathematical Statistics [Slot 19]
Stat-6545 -- Computational Statistics [Slot 11]
Stat-697A -- Graduate Seminar in Statistics [Monday 13h00]

Course schedule Fall 2018.pdf

Winter 2019:

Math-6121 -- Functional Differential Equations
Math-6201 -- Numerical Methods for Time Dependent Differential Equations
Math-6312 -- Measure Theory
Math-6160 -- Partial Differential Equations
Math-6230 -- Differentiable Manifolds and Riemannian Geometry
Math-6332 -- Point Set Topology
Math-6320 -- Group Theory
Math-696B -- Graduate Seminar in Mathematics

Stat-6530 -- Longitudinal Data Analysis
Stat-6560 -- Continuous Multivariate Analysis
Stat-6545 -- Statistical Computing
Stat-697B -- Graduate Seminar in Statistics

Disclaimer: This list is tentative and subject to modifications depending upon availability of resources and student enrollment.


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