Undergraduate Qualifying Year


Intended for applicants whose credentials in the appropriate field of specialization are insufficient but otherwise with a strong academic record. The qualifying year consists of two terms with six specified regular undergraduate courses that if passed with a minimum grade of 75 on each course will result in automatic admission to a designed Masters programme. When this requirement is not fulfill, student still can re-apply for admission. Students registered for the qualifying year are not eligible for graduate financial support. However, once that the qualifying year has been successfully completed, the financial package in the conditional admission offer can be reconsidered depending upon the academic performance, programme to be pursued and availability of funds.

Below is the list of tentative qualifying courses.

Qualifying courses for programmes in Mathematics:

  • Math-3000 -- Real Analysis I
  • Math-3320 -- Abstract Algebra
  • Math-3331 -- Projective Geometry
  • Math-4001 -- Functional Analysis
  • Math-4190 -- Mathematical Modelling
  • Math-4300 -- General Topology

Qualifying courses for programmes in Statistics:

  • Stat-3540 -- Time Series I
  • Stat-3585 -- Computational Statistics
  • Stat-4410 -- Mathematical Statistics III
  • Stat-4530 -- Survey Sampling
  • Stat-4560 -- Continuous Multivariate Analysis
  • Stat-4561 -- Discrete Multivariate Analysis