2008 MTA Winner: Margo Kondratieva


We, the undersigned, would like to nominate Dr. Margo Kondratieva for the 2008 Motivational Teaching Award.

Dr. Kondratieva is a singular professor in the classroom for her enthusiasm and obvious joy in teaching. Her classes are informative and fast-paced, offering a good blend of theoretical and applicable knowledge.

She always has time to talk to her students outside of class, taking an interest in their lives and aspirations.

Her work in mathematical outreach for the department is also first-rate. Dr. Kondratieva acts as an ambassador within the larger community, fostering interest in mathematics. We feel this is exceptionally important in the case of school-age kids, and Dr. Kondratieva fulfills this role very well

For these reasons, we feel that Dr. Margo Kondratieva would be an excellent and worthy recipient of the 2008 Motivational Teaching Award.


  • Jeanette Wheeler
  • Tracey Wooden
  • Nancy Brophy
  • Bradley Dart