2004 MTA Winner: David Pike


Sometimes math classes can be a little boring. Stewing in a classroom, listening to the proof of a theorem is not a stimulating environment in which to learn math. However, Dr. David Pike makes such lectures, not only bearable, but also interesting. He engages his class in the material by asking questions to stimulate his students' minds. He will often take a break from a proof to make sure everyone understands what's going on, and ask questions about tricks he's used. His goal is to make his students not only understand the material, but also to enjoy it.

When you talk to Dr. Pike, you know you have his undivided attention. He will listen to your concerns, and try to alleviate some of the pressure you're feeling. However, he won't just give you the answers to your questions. He makes you think about your problem, and when you walk away, you have the answer you were looking for.

Dr. Pike strives for excellence from all his students, but he understands that excellent students cannot succeed to the best of their abilities unless they are nurtured properly. He is committed to his students. This is why Dr. Pike is an excellent candidate for the Motivational Teaching Award.