2003 MTA Winner: Mike Parmenter


The Department of Mathematics and Statistics has many motivational and helpful professors, Dr. Mike Parmenter is among these. Dr. Parmenter is as worthy a professor for the Motivational Teaching Award as all the others.

With his friendly and well-planned lectures he helps to spark many students' interests in the study of mathematics. His lecture notes are always well organized and his use of many examples greatly helps the students' understanding. However, even with these well planned lectures he is always open to discussion of questions that students may have throughout, and periodically stops to make sure everyone is following during difficult proofs and problems.

Dr. Parmenter's concern does not stop at the doors of his classroom though. He is always accessible in his office throughout all weekdays and even some weekends before tests or exams. His friendliness and willingness to answer any students' questions helps to give all his students the feeling that his office doors are always open.

Outside of his courses, Dr. Parmenter still helps to promote a strong sense of interest in pure mathematics in particular. With the help of other professors, he organizes many mathematical contests through both the fall and winter semesters, even offering prizes as incentives to participants. To help students in their performances in these contests he offers training classes on weeknights leading up to the contest. In addition to this, every term he posts a couple of sets of contest problems with prizes awarded to all winners.

In addition to all of his work in helping students achieve their potential, he is also very supportive of the Math and Stats Society. He is always in attendance at all of the Society's mixers and is extremely approachable for students at these events. He has, in addition, been very generous in donating any leftover food and drinks from the Algebra Seminars that are held throughout the term.

It is clearly noticeable that Dr. Parmenter is a very professional and supportive professor to all students. He is approachable in and outside of the educational environment and gives all students many chances to enhance their interest in the subject of Mathematics. For this it is obvious that he is an appropriate choice for this year's Motivational Teaching Award.