2002 MTA Winner: Clayton Halfyard


The success of a student can be attributed to many aspects of their lives. One of these is a strong foundation in their chosen field of study. In order to achieve this strong base, requires, of course, an accomplished and understanding professor. I believe these are the qualities displayed by Professor Clayton Halfyard.

Professor Halfyard has taught me Mathematics 1001 and is currently instructing me in Applied Mathematics 2130. I have found him to be kind, approachable, and professional in his dealings with students and his abilities as a professor are evident in the academic success of his students. He provides each student with the knowledge and confidence they need in first and second year courses, to reach their full potential in their study of mathematics.

The skill and helpfulness of Professor Halfyard has often been acknowledged within the department by both faculty and students, but has never been rewarded. I believe that the recognition which Professor Halfyard deserves is long overdue. Thus, I nominate him for the Motivational Teaching Award for 2002.


  • Krista Galway
  • Deanne Parrott
  • Michelle Power
  • Rebecca White