1998 MTA Winner: P.P. Narayanaswami


We would like to nominate Dr. P.P. Narayanaswami for the Mathematics and Statistics Motivational Teaching Award. In many ways he has served as an inspiration to different students, always encouraging further interest in the many subject matters he is versed in.

First, and foremost, he brings a zest and vigor to all his classes. In class, Dr. Narayanaswami is energized and excited. Though dealing with advanced topics, he has the gift of making the material approachable. Many professors may state definitions, but Dr. Narayanaswami can use simple everyday language to make difficult concepts easily understandable.

Furthermore, he is always quick to respond to any question or query that a student may have. He has always been willing to stop and retrace his steps until everyone understands what is being discussed. Dr. Narayanaswami genuinely cares about his students and goes out of his way to give examples that students can easily relate to, often harkening back to work done in previous courses, and exposing the relationships in a more general setting.

As well, Dr. Narayanaswami sometimes covers material above and beyond the mandate of the course, giving his students a taste of higher mathematics. This allows students to determine what they may be interested in studying in future undergraduate courses, as well as courses at a higher level.

Finally, Dr. Narayanaswami has a strict “open door” policy. Anytime he is in his office he will bend over backwards to assist students with any questions they have have concerning a course he is teaching, another topic related to such a course, or even on a mathematical topic far removed from class work. He is pleasant to speak with and always eager to help.


  • Mike Callahan
  • Stephen Fagan
  • Stephen Gardner
  • David Morgan