Calculus Placement Test (CPT)

Online June 2021 CPT for Math 3208 Students

[UPDATE] May 28:  DATE MOVED TO JUNE 19, 2021 (E-mail sent to registrants) 

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the usual facilitation of the CPT is not possible for incoming Fall 2021 students.  Students who completed Math 3208 in high school, and who plan to complete Math 1001 in the fall semester
may take an online version of the CPT on Saturday, June 19, 2021. Your completion of Math 1001 in the fall will be used to validate your CPT result, and if your Math 1001 grade is at least 50% then credit for Math 1000 would be awarded in early January 2022. Please read carefully, and contact if any points need clarification.

  1. The CPT will be administered as an online quiz using the Brightspace quiz tool on June 19, 2021.  

  2. Students must register using the link on this page, between March 15 and May 17 (This deadline is firm - it will not be possible to add students to the CPT Brightspace on short notice, so late registrations cannot be accepted.)

  3. Students must obtain their MUN student number and email PRIOR to taking the CPT.  Once you are a MUN student create your login here:

  4. Students are responsible for ensuring ahead of time that their computer meets the technical requirements to access Brightspace.  You can find a system check on the Brightspace login page: .

  5. A pseudo-exam will be made available from [EDIT] (June 1, 2021). This result will not be counted in any way, and will not be a full version of the test. This is a chance for the student to experience the test interface.  Again, this is NOT a sample test.  The purpose of this utility is to allow students to become comfortable with the test interface before taking the CPT.

  6. Study and practice resources are available here, courtesy of Dr. Shannon Sullivan:

  7. Only those students who took Math 3208 in the 2020-21 school year, or those granted direct permission from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, are eligible to take the June 19, 2021 online CPT.  E-mail to request permission.

  8. Students who score at least 65% on the June 19, 2021 CPT (subject to restrictions in the previous point) will be granted permission to register for Math 1001 in the Fall 2021 semester at either the St. John's campus, Grenfell campus, or online, and
    1. if their fall 2021 Math 1001 mark is at least 50% they will be awarded a transfer credit for Math 1000.
    2. if their fall 2021 Math 1001 mark is between 45% and 49% (inclusive) they will be granted permission to re-take Math 1001 in the winter 2021 semester. Students who fail to pass Math 1001 on this second attempt will be counseled on a case-by-case basis.
    3. if their Math 1001 mark is less than 45%, they will not be eligible for credit for Math 1000 based on the CPT. These students will have to successfully complete Math 1000 at MUN before again taking Math 1001.

  9. [update Mar. 19] A student who qualifies for Math 1000 credit by 8.1 above, will receive a transfer credit for the course. The result will show on their transcript as "T", worth 3.0 credit hours.  No numeric or pass/fail grades are awarded. 

  10. [update Mar. 19] This credit is not transferable to other institutions.

  11. [update Mar. 19] Failing the CPT will not impact a student's academic record.  CPT results are stored internally in the Math & Stats department and are shared only at the request of the student.

If you don't intend to take Math 1001 at MUN:

Students who do not intend to take Math 1001 in the fall will not benefit from writing the online June 19 CPT, because the fall Math 1001 final exam will be used to validate a student's CPT result.  This restriction is necessary because the June 19, 2021 online CPT will not be invigilated. In the case that a course credit is based on a single exam, that exam must be invigilated in order to maintain academic integrity. No exceptions will be made.

The use of a calculator is neither required nor permitted on the CPT.




June CPT Registration

Complete the registration form:

**CPT Registration Page**[available March 15 - May, 17]

 If you have not completed MATH 3208 you must contact to obtain permission to write the CPT.



To assist you in preparing for the CPT, you may download the following PDF file: