Calculus Placement Test (CPT)

General Information

St. John's Locations for June 8, 2024
Last Name Room
A SN 2036
alternate space SN 2041
B SN 2064
C-Edi SN 2067
Edw - Hol SN 3042
Hop - Mar SN 3058
Mat - Nor SN 3060
Nos - P SN 4063
Q-Ski SN 4068
Sla-Way SN 4073
Web-Z HH 3017


The Calculus Placement Test is an assessment designed to provide an opportunity for students who complete Mathematics 3208 in high school to earn credit for MATH 1000.  Students who did a different high school Calculus course may request permission to write the CPT by emailing   If you learned the MATH 1000 material in a course at another post-secondary institution then you should instead apply for transfer credit through the Office of the Registrar. 

The CPT is for incoming new students who haven't taken Calculus or Pre-Calculus at a post-secondary institution.  Once you have taken MATH 1090 or MATH 1000 at Memorial you may not write the CPT.

The use of a calculator is neither required nor permitted during the CPT.


Dates and Registration

The Calculus Placement Test is administered twice a year, at 10:00am on the second Saturday in June, and 2:00pm the day before classes start in September.  There is no fee to take the CPT. 

June CPT Registration

To write the CPT on the second Saturday in June, register using this link.

**CPT Registration Page** [available March 1 - April 30]

September CPT Registration

Register for the September CPT using Self-Service by adding MATH 1CPT to your fall course registration.  There is no fee and this registration will not affect your credit hours or tuition fees.  If you wish to register for a course that has Math 1000 as a prerequisite, you may do so after you have added MATH 1CPT.  Most courses that require MATH 1000 will be coded to accept MATH 1CPT in lieu of MATH 1000 while you await your CPT result.  If you are unsuccessful in the CPT then you will be dropped from any courses that have MATH 1000 as a prerequisite.


If you did not complete MATH 3208 you must contact to obtain permission to write the CPT.



A student who passes the CPT will receive a transfer credit for MATH 1000.  The result will show on a transcript as "T", worth 3.0 credit hours.  This credit is not transferable to other institutions.

Failing the CPT will not impact a student's MUN transcript in any way.   CPT results are stored internally in the Math & Stats department.  While not an official part of a student's academic record,  the CPT mark will be shared with other MUN units if a student applies for entry to a program for which the CPT mark is required.  [The School of Pharmacy, for example, will ask for the CPT mark if a student has no MATH 1000 mark to submit in their application for admission.]

Students are awarded an informal letter grade to indicate the strength of their performance.  There are five passing grades (A+, A, B, C, D) and one failing grade, F.  Roughly, the letters correspond to the percentage of marks earned:

 Grade  Percentage of  Total Marks Possible 
A+90 - 100
A80 - 89
B70 - 79
C60 - 69
D50 - 59
F< 50%



Format and Sample Paper

The sample linked below is typical of the format of the CPT.  The CPT will be similar to a typical MATH 1000 final exam.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to pass Math 1001 to earn the CPT Math 1000 credit?

    No, if you write the CPT in person with an invigilator then credit is based on your CPT result.  During the pandemic, credit for Math 1000 was tied to Math 1001 because students wrote the CPT at home, unsupervised.  That was a temporary policy that is no longer in effect.

  2. May I have an academic accommodation, such as extra time?

    Only those students officially registered with the Blundon Centre will receive academic accommodations.  If you plan to write the CPT in June and require accommodation, make sure to apply to MUN promptly and get your student number as soon as possible.  The Blundon Centre will not be able to offer its services if you aren't a current MUN student.  You can register for the CPT before you are registered with the Blundon Centre, but you should be registered with the Blundon Centre at least four weeks before the CPT takes place to ensure accommodations will be granted.

  3. I want to register for the June CPT but I don't know my student number.  What should I do?

    You can register by entering nine zeros (000000000) for your student number.  If you get your student number before the end of the CPT registration period you can submit a new registration with your student number.  The previous submission will be canceled.  If you get your student number after the registration page has closed, you should email to provide your student number.  Include your name, student number, and the email address you entered when you registered.

  4. I failed the June CPT.  Can I write again in September?

    No.  The CPT may be written only once.

  5. Can I see my paper?

    No, the CPT is not an examination of a MUN course.  It is an examination of a course you did in high school.  As such, it is not subject to the university regulations that pertain to MUN exam papers.  You do not have a right to see your CPT paper.  To keep the CPT opportunity open to all NL students regardless of financial situation there is no fee associated with the exam, and so no resources to be allocated to allow students to see their paper. 

  6. I missed the registration deadline.  Can I still register?

    Maybe, maybe not.  You can email  Depending on how busy the department is at that time it may or may not be possible to consider your request. 

  7. What is the fee?

    There is currently no fee to write the CPT.