Researcher Profiles

Department Head Cheng Li: Wireless sensor/mesh networks architecture and protocols; multicasting in wireless sensor and ad hoc networks; software-defined radio, cognitive radio for wireless communications and broadband switching and routing

Jonathan AndersonSoftware systems, computer security and simulation

Stephen CzarnuchHuman motion tracking and automated planning

Octavia A. Dobre: Wireless, optical, and underwater communications and networking

Glyn George: Engineering education, probability and statistics

Ray Gosine: Industrial automation, robotics and biomedical engineering

Howard Heys: Computer and communications security, cryptology, communications networks and protocols

Weimin Huang: Mapping of oceanic surface parameters via high frequency ground-wave radar, ocean surface target detection and tracking and wave and current information extraction from ocean clutter using microwave marine navigation radar

M. Tariq Iqbal: Wind energy, distributed power generation and instrumentation and control

Mohsin Jamil: Power and energy, mechatronics and intelligent systems, renewable energy systems, instrumentation, controls and automation, robotics and biomedical engineering

Benjamin Jeyasurya: Power system studies

Ashraf Ali Khan: Power electronics, Electric vehicles, Renewable energy systems, Motor drive, Reliability of power converters, power converters control.

Vlastimil Masek: Instrumentation and control, smart sensors and robotics

Cecilia Moloney: Non-linear signal and image processing methods, signal representations via wavelet and contourlet transforms, radar signal processing, transformative pedagogy for science and engineering and gender and science studies

Theodore S. Norvell: Programming methodology and languages, formal methods in software engineering and digital systems

Siu O'Young: Unmanned aircraft, real-time hybrid control system and formal methods

Dennis K. Peters: Requirements specification for real-time systems, automated testing and software design documentation techniques

Sarah Power: EEG-based mental state monitoring, brain-computer interfaces

Reza Shahidi: Ocean surface parameter extraction with high-frequency surface wave radar (HFSWR), signal and image processing, vehicular ad-hoc networks, seismic imaging, theoretical and applied machine learning

Andrew Vardy: Swarm robotics, bio-inspired robotics and autonomous underwater vehicles

Thumeera R. Wanasinghe: Autonomous robotics systems, multi-sensor data fusions, applied AI and machine learning, and digitalization and its socio-economic impact

Lihong Zhang: VLSI design automation, analog and mixed-signal integrated circuit design, digital system and circuit design, and computer-based instrumentation