I currently teach 2 undergraduate courses:

BIOL 2122 - Biology of Invertebrates

Course Description: Biology of Invertebrates in an introductory course on the structure and function, adaptations and life histories of invertebrates within major phyla, subphyla and classes. The course emphasizes: 1) knowledge and comparison of generalized body plans and unique characteristics such as germ layers, types of coelom and gut, segmentation, symmetry, basic nervous system, and major sense organs, organelles, tissues and organs; and 2) understanding of how typical members of each phylum/class move, feed digest, excrete, reproduce, exchange gases, distribute nutrients and gases and where they live. Lectures and labs should not be regarded as isolated exercises; labs are an extension of lectures and an integral part of the whole course.

BIOL 3711 - Principles of Marine Biology

Course Description: This course will introduce you to the organisms and ecological processes structuring the nekton and the benthos, from the intertidal to the deep sea. You will learn how species are anatomically and physiologically adapted to a variety of marine habitats, and how species composition and ecological structure vary along latitudinal and depth gradients. In the last part of the course, the focus will be on human impacts on ocean ecosystems, and on conservation issues.

I occasionally teach another course:

BIOL 3712 - Benthic Biology (can be offered as a 2-week course at the Bonne Bay Marine Station)

Course Description: This course will focus on the organisms that live in a wide variety of aquatic bottom habitats, and the impacts they have on their environment. We will look at how these organisms are adapted for living in different benthic environments, and consider how diversity and function shape the ecosystem services provided by those environments. There will be a strong emphasis on the marine environment but we will briefly cover freshwater systems as well. At the end of this class, you should be able to have a basic understanding of organism to ecosystem level processes in the different benthic habitats covered.

I have also contributed to teaching:

BIOL 1002 - Introductory Biology

BIOL 3709 - Field Course in Marine Principles and Techniques (Bonne Bay Marine Station)