Undergraduate Courses

BIOL 4044 (Microbial Physiology, fall)

Calendar Description: Microbial physiology is a study of the structure and growth of microorganisms. Themes covered in this course include the structure, function and regulation of the microbial cellular machinery, the hierarchical regulation of cellular activities, and communication between cells. Quantitative experimental methodology relating to microbial physiology is studied in the laboratory.


BIOL 4050 (Advanced Topics in Microbiology, fall )

Calendar Description: Biology 4050 examines the beneficial and harmful properties of microbes including topics on industrial microbiology and the discovery of new antimicrobial agents. The scope within the course ranges from the genetic manipulation of microbes for useful purposes to the isolation of bacteria for applications in various fields. Current issues concerning microbiology and society will also be discussed including the practical applications of microbes and bacterial diseases affecting society.


Graduate Courses

BIOL 6000 (Research Topics in Microbiology, winter)

BIOL 7936 (Advanced Microbial Physiology, winter)