Michael Broz

Areas of Specialization: Marxist Philosophy; Social Ontology; Social and Political Philosophy; Philosophy of Economics; History of Economic Thought

Bio: Michael received his Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas, completing an undergraduate thesis titled "Moral Maximization: From Maxim to Context" on Kantian morality and the role of maxims in deontology. He then earned a Master of Arts in Philosophy from Stony Brook University in New York. There he completed an honours thesis titled "Social Art: An Inquiry into the Work of Art in Capitalism," primarily focusing on how the creation of art, in its various manifestations, has been totalized by capitalism.

As a doctoral student at Memorial University, he is working on research in the area of Philosophy of Economics and Political and Social Philosophy, especially in the works of Karl Marx. He hopes to ground the social relations of human history and how they have developed and manifested themselves as a social ontology. He hopes to show through Marx that, although social relations have manifested themselves in many ways over time, there is a fundamental basis to this analysis that explains the nature of social beings in frameworks such as political life, labour, and groups.