Second Annual Kant Conference: Why Faith?

Dec 14th, 2015

MUN Philosophy

Second Annual Kant Conference: Why Faith?

This past spring, the second annual Kant meeting was held at Memorial from May 21-22. The conference was planned by Dr. Joël Madore and Dr. Scott Johnston.

The description of the conference was as follows:


In his first critique, kant famously argued that he found it necessary to deny knowledge in order to make room for faith. This undoubtedly raised more questions than it answered. Among others, to what extent is it compatible with transcendental idealism? Is belief in god and immortality legitimate or the twitching remains of an otherwise secularized philosophy? And what can it possibly consist of in the context of a rational religion that excludes its historical and ritualistic dimension? In short, why faith?

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Paul Abela, Acadia University

Dr. George Di Giovanni, Mcgill University

Dr. Pablo Muchnick, Emerson College

Featuring Papers by:

Dr. Joël Madore

Dr. Scott Johnston

Kyla Bruff

Sarah Messer

And Responses by:

Dr. Suma Rajiva

Dr. Toni Stafford

Dr. Michelle Rebidoux

Dr. Seamus O'Neill

Dr. Francis Peddle 



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