Black Guillemot

Scientific Name: Cepphus grylle

Family: Alcidae

Description: They have bright red feet. They are plump, compact birds about the size of pigeons. They are black with white wing patches in the summer; in the winter appears silvery from a distance.

Distribution: Black guillemots are most widespread seabirds, from the Bay of Fundy to the northern most islands of the high arctic.

Habitat: Black guillemots spend most of its time at sea, but seldom ventures out of sight of land.

Nesting: Their nests are located in rock crevices or under boulders. They can often be seen in early morning, sitting near its nest cavity, giving a plaintive whistling call.

Diet: Black guillemots feed on small bottom-dwelling fishes; and find them in almost complete darkness – it is not known how they do this.