It's Time for Another One: Folk Songs from the South Coast of Newfoundland - Ramea and Grole

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• 1960s recordings of folk songs in the British tradition, as well as locally-composed songs, collected from the South Coast island communities of Ramea and Grole

• singers Robert Childs, 11-year old Chloe Kendall, Joseph Jackman and veteran performer Gordon Kendall; song-maker Robert Langdon; accordion tunes by Wilfred Childs

• modern arrangements of 3 songs by Pamela Morgan, Jim Payne and Glen Collins

• 60-page accompanying booklet rich with local historical information, photos, song texts, and an essay concerning the new arrangements, providing a basis for discussion about tradition and modernity in Newfoundland

• short spoken commentary by collector Jesse Fudge

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  The First of October - Robert Langdon

 A comic song about the smuggling operations along the South Coast that gave rise to many stories. Although this is a comic song, real life experiences for smugglers were often dangerous.

  The Penney Fair in the Cove - Chloe Kendall

 This ballad is based on a true story of a ship that went adrift in the harbour. It was originally composed by Blanche Pink for a concert in Ramea.

  Sal Stopped Up to Iron Some Clothes - Pamela Morgan, arranger; performed by Robert Childs, Pamela Morgan, and Graham Wells

 Also known as “Kate’s Big Shirt” or “The Shirt” or “Kate and Tom”, this is a bawdy song about illicit sex.



  Ramea, Newfoundland

photo courtesy of Spencer Crewe


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