Doughboys and Molasses, Oh!

Doughboys and Molasses, Oh! Traditional Songs from the Gros Morne Region (2020) offers listeners a new perspective on the musical heritage of this distinctive area of Newfoundland’s west coast.

The disc features 22 carefully restored tracks originally recorded from local singers by folk song researchers in the mid-twentieth century. Also included are four new performances specially commissioned for this compilation.

The accompanying booklet explores the stories of the songs, the singers, and the collectors, as well as the role of singing in family and community life.

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Doughboys and Molasses, Oh!Sample Tracks

 Doughboys and Molasses, Oh!
Payne family (archival recording)

 Bar the Door O
Annie Walters (archival recording)

 The Wreck of the Steamship Ethie
Jim Payne (new recording)

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Praise for Doughboys and Molasses, Oh!

“A well-produced package, of great value to students of traditional song.”
Folk Music Journal

In the Media

“Sounds of the Past: Traditional Songs of Gros Morne Get New Life on ‘Doughboys and Molasses, Oh!’” (St. John’s Telegram)

Listen to interviews about the project on the Living Heritage podcast and Celtic Wake Up (CHMR-FM).

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Doughboys and Molasses, Oh! is produced by folklorist Dr. Anna Kearney Guigné for the Back on Track series. It is a coproduction of MMaP and the Canadian Museum of History, under the auspices of the Cultures of Sound Network, with generous support from Parks Canada.







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