Mentioned in Song

Mentioned in Song: Song Traditions of the Loggers of Newfoundland and Labrador (2014) is the first audio compilation of songs about lumbering, logging, and woods work in this province.

The CD includes 23 archival recordings and four new arrangements, representing diverse cultural communities and regions. The accompanying 90-page booklet explores the place of song in logging culture.

Mentioned in Song presents a compelling account of the collective identity, cultural practices, and musical traditions of this distinct occupational group.

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Mentioned in SongSample Tracks

 Cut That Timber Down
Shirley Montague (new recording)

 North Twin Lake
Obediah Payne (archival recording)

Praise for Mentioned in Song

“Shines light on expressive culture related to an important industry in the province, while also demonstrating the living nature of folksinging traditions.”
Ethnologies (read the full review)
“An invaluable contribution to the documentation of North American woods traditions.”
Journal of American Folklore

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Mentioned in Song is produced by Dr. Ursula Kelly for the Back on Track series.

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